7 Amazing Benefits Of Upper Body Pilates Workout

Amazing Benefits Of Upper Body Pilates Workout

Pilates are nothing but a type of physical fitness regime which was devised in the early 20th Century and was invented by Joseph Pilates and is a regime practiced by people all over the world today.

Some Of The Great Benefits Of The Pilates Workout Are Discussed Below

Acts As Brain Booster

According to Joseph Pilates, the inventor of the Pilates method of physical fitness, this exercise regime helps in boosting the brain and memory power in a human being. Researchers have shown that on practicing Pilates work out for a certain period of time increased the brain’s alpha peak power which is directly related to the memory power, cognitive functions as well as the neural network activities as well.

Good For Brain Health

Helps In Easing Back Pain Woes

Due to the very fact that Pilate exercise regime improves and promotes a strong core, it is pretty beneficial if practiced by those who have an issue of chronic back pain. Practicing this Pilate regime daily helps in easing back pain in people more than medication and other therapies as it helps in stabilizing the lower back region and improves mobility as well.

Back Pain

Brings Back Focus & Attention

It is a common concern in everyone that they are unable to focus on the work out due to peripheral issues and tensions in the everyday lives. Thus for them Pilate exercise regime is a must as it brings back the attention and focus as it involves in focusing on stuff like body and breath and the entire movement in a fully coordinated manner too.

Focus On Your Problem Areas

Promotes The Overall Performance In Terms Of Fitness And Sports

Due to the fact that the Pilate exercise regime works on the core muscles of the body and makes them healthy and well coordinated, when a person after practicing regular Pilates for a few week’s duration tries his or her hands in any sport or any other physical activities, the performance and the fitness levels have seen to have improved considerably.


Helps In Getting That Great Abs In No Time

In case one is craving for the perfect abs, he or she must try their hands on the Pilate exercise regime. This is due to the fact that it works on the core of the body unlike any other exercise form and helps in achieving the desired abs after completing about 36 weeks of regular Pilate exercise routine.

Lower Abs

Improves The Flexibility Of The Body

Pilates are believed to be considered an exercise option for those who are more flexible whereas the truth is just the opposite. Pilate exercise regime actually helps the human body to gain more flexibility than before which increases every week. Thus performing pilates work on the flexibility part to a huge extent and improves the fitness levels as well.

Flexibility Training

It Is Great For The Joints Too

Pilate exercise regime is also great in ones who have joint issues to take care of. This is due to the fact that Pilate exercise regime consist of slow and controlled motions which impacts the joint regions minimally. The added advantage of practicing the Pilate movements by one is that the mats used while performing this physical routine uses a padding which is ten times as thick as a yoga pad which takes off all the pressure from the knee and the back region giving minimal impact on the joint regions as well.

Strengthens Shoulder And Elbow Joints