7 Amazing Mountain Climbers Exercises To Tone Your Body

Trust me when I say this, getting in a routing is simpler than starting off with your workout routine. Most people when plan to start with their workout sessions they assume that by doing exercise for a month or two they will get all fit and fine but sorry to burst your bubble out there guys, it does not actually happen. Rather, it takes much more time than that.

You don’t have to take decisions and plan in haste; you have a lot of time for that. The best advice that you could ever get related to the fitness world is that to start off slow. Yes, I mean it when I say that the only job for your for the day 1 is to start with a plan. For

The best advice that you could ever get related to the fitness world is that to start off slow. Yes, I mean it when I say that the only job for your for the day 1 is to start with a plan. For that you must find suitable exercises for you and off course the time is to be decided for the main action. With the help of this article, you would be able to know about 7 amazing mountain climbers exercises to tone your body.

Keep on reading to know more about them in detail:

1. Army Crawl Mountain Climber:

Ever thought why those soldiers are so stiff and have perfect mass in their arm? Well, that is because they are trained for years and are made to do this exercise regularly. The famous Army Crawl Mountain Climber exercise is just absolutely perfect if you are looking something to tone your arm muscles. For this, grab your fists together and put them on the ground and crawl without putting down your knees on the ground.

Army Crawl Mountain Climber

2. Plank Jack Mountain Climber:

This exercise is another one to strengthen your arms further. If you wish to get perfect muscles in your arm then you should definitely try out this exercise. For this make a stretched 5 with your palms and put them on the ground with your hands perfectly stretched. After you are able to do it then perform three jumping jacks staying in the same position in the sequence (Contract. Expand. Contract) This exercise move works several core muscles and thus helps you a lot in fat busting.

Plank Jack Mountain Climber

3. Kickboxing Mountain Climber:

You might have done this exercise a couple of times in your childhood just for fun. Do these exercises now in order to reduce the excess fat in your thigh area. All you have to do for this very famous mountain exercise is to grab your fists together in a boxing pose and hit the air with both of your hands with a perfect footwork. Don’t worry; your footwork will get better at this after a regular practice. Mountain climbers can be a little tricky to get the hang of but you will eventually get better once you learn it better.

Kickboxing Mountain Climber

4. Regular Mountain Climber Exercise:

With this one, all the other exercises took their forms so this one is kind of an important one to be performed. Mountain climber exercise like this one helps in relaxing a couple of muscles in your body that makes you get a better shape in your body.
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For this exercise, Put your palms in a stretched 5 on the ground with the rest of your hands perfectly straight and then bend your legs one by one in such a way such that you are climbing a mountain.

Regular Mountain Climber Exercise

5. Elevated Mountain Climber:

With your body elevated, this mountain climber is a new one but is very much reknowned to provide you amazing health benefits. This exercise is very simple with just one simple twist that is; you have to put your palms on an elevated surface say on the first step of the staircase and then perform the regular mountain climber exercise (mentioned in step 4). This exercise of elevated mountain climber makes the circulation of blood much better especially in the areas of your body that is elevated during the exercise.

Elevated Mountain Climber

6. Cross Body Mountain Climbing Exercise:

Make sure that you do this one when you have already excelled in the previous ones. This cross body mountain climber exercise is a little tricky one that makes you put your palms in a stretched 5 position on the ground and assumes that you are climbing the mountain by crossing your leg from one another.

Although this exercise is a little tricky one but helps in strengthening of your arms.

Cross Body Mountain Climbing Exercise

7. Stability Ball Mountain Climber:

Take a stability ball and hold it with both of your hands with your legs stretched behind. After you are able to hold this position for a couple of seconds then you have to perform the regular mountain climbing (as mentioned in the fourth point)

 Stability Ball Mountain Climber