7 Basic Treadmill Walking Tips For Beginners

Treadmills should be used pro pertly or they can be really dangerous and cause serious life threatening injuries. Children and pets should be away from treadmills whether the treadmill is in use or not. Whenever you use the treadmill, ensure that you adhere to all safety rules and precaution to avoid any kind of injury. Here are some great treadmill workout safety tips for beginners.

7 Treadmill Walking Tips For Beginners

Wear The Right Shoes

Never walk barefoot on the treadmill. A lot of friction is generated by this moving belt and feet which needs to stay protected from various elements. Scrapes, blisters and burns have greeted many who tried walking barefoot on the treadmill. It is very important to have the right fitting shoes when walking on the walking machine. You need to have the right shoes which will absorb the movement shock and also take away stress from joints. Feet can be injured from the moving belt side and machine meeting area, but a good pair of shoes will offer great protection.

Start Carefully

Just before you start your workout on the treadmill, you need to stand with a foot on the opposite sides of rails. Now, step carefully on the belt as the treadmill displays count from 3 and as it starts rolling. Hold on to one of these rails and try to steady your balance first. Once you feel steady enough you can get back to your desired program and setting.

Straddling The Deck

As you start walking, you should begin straddling the deck. Do not start the treadmill with your feet on belt. Many machines start slowly, no matter what setting they had when they were turned off.

One needs to be cautious, because such a safety feature can malfunction anytime anytime and the user can get injured, who will be expecting a slower pace.

Do Not Increase Incline And Speed Together

It is never easy to run fast on a steep incline. Any user who is running on treadmill should never increase the running speed and incline together. The incline should be increased first, a comfort level reached and then speed should be increased slowly. If there is an increase in speed and incline both, the runner will slip and eventually fall. Thus, adjustment on incline and speed should be done carefully.

Look Forward – Do Not Watch Your Feet

When on the treadmill you should always look forward and focus straight. You should not look at the side or even at your feet when you walk on the machine. If you look at your foot as you walk you will lose your sense of position and you will lose your balance.

Get The Walking Position Right

You have to be safe or you will just fall off from the machine. You should be in the center of the belt than at the front or at the back. If you walk near the front section, your foot might just catch the motor cover and you might trip and fall. If you walk towards the back end of the machine, you can slide off.

Use Emergency Button

If you wish to stop or pause the machine, use the emergency button always. This will stop the movement immediately. This is specially important for new users when they find the treadmill is moving at a much faster rate than they can actually handle. Using the emergency button on time will prevent you from falling off suddenly.

Hope with these useful tips you have a successful treadmill workout and achieve your goals.


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