7 Beginners Aerobic Exercises For Female Bodybuilders For Endurance

Aerobic Exercises For Female Bodybuilders

Women who are trying to build muscles, should at first work towards losing fat or excess body weight. Aerobic exercises are the most effective and easiest way to lose excessive fat and are especially important for building high endurance levels. Beginner’s aerobic exercises for women help in targeting specific areas of the body where women tend to store fat like thighs, hips and stomach. These easy exercises are low impact but will help in increasing heart rate and cause minimal stress on knees and other joints.

Here Are 7 Beginners Easy Aerobic Exercises For Women Bodybuilders:

1. Mountain Climbers

Women who tend to accumulate fat in hips and thighs are known to benefit a lot from this workout. Start in straight-arm plank posture. Your hands will be placed directly under the shoulders. You will form a straight line. Your neck and ankles should be in line at this position. Now, slowly, move up your right foot and then move your knees to the center of the body. You will quickly switch your legs and move your left knee up and towards the center. Your shoulders and hips should be ideally above the wrists.

You need to stay in this position for at least 10 seconds to start and as you gain comfort, you need to extend this for at least 1 minute.

Mountain Climbers

2. On Spot Jogging

This is the simplest aerobic exercise which offers amazing results. You simply need to jog in one spot while moving your hand in motion. You need to start jogging slowly and as you progress, you can increase your speed. Lift your knees as much as you can as per your comfort level. This will increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Women will lose weight from their thighs, stomach and hip region. Do not forget to wear your jogging shoes.

On Spot Jogging

3. Squats With Arms Overhead

This is an easy exercise which can be done at home. You need to stand as you keep your feet a little distance apart. Your palms shall face one another.

You can bend both your knees and slowly move your hips back, just like you are sitting in the chair. You can then draw your shoulder blades back and down quickly. You need to engage your glutes to get back to your standing position. This shall be one repetition. You need to do ten such repetitions.

Squats With Arms Overhead

4. Stutter Step

This is an easy version of the original exercise. You need to start by standing on one leg, with your whole weight on the leg. You can bend this leg as you place your opposite leg a bit behind your back. Your opposite leg can be just some inches behind as you slowly drive your knee in front of you. You can bring your hand down during this movement. You can increase your squat depth as you do this step. You will be extending your leg back further in increasing speed. You need to start increasing the speed with which you are moving your arms and legs.

Stutter Step

5. Burpee

You need to stand comfortably as you keep your feet a little distance from one another. Your feet can be at least 6 inches away from one another. You can bend from your waist and knees. Keep your hands in front and put them down. You need to kick out your legs at the same time just behind you. You will do a pushup in this position. Now, kick your feet back and quickly.

You will jump forward as much as possible. As you are jumping, you need to throw your arms a bit forward which will help propel you. Get back on both your feet and be prepared to take the next step.


6. Static Squat And Punches

You need to get in a shallow squat position. You will be punching motion without additional weight. You need to hold this squat position for three seconds and then again come up and continue with your punches. As you get comfortable, you need to increase the duration of your squatting time. You can also use dumbbells in the punching motion. You need to increase the speed of the punches.

Static Squat And Punches

7. Incline Walking

This is a great aerobic workout which helps in building strength, endurance and speeds weight loss. You need to set your treadmill in an incline position. Start slowly and then as you gain comfort, you need to speed up your walk. You can do intervals of fast walk, rest time, slow walk and again fast walk. This will help in increasing your heart rate and keep your metabolism high. This shall promote weight loss and build endurance in women bodybuilders.

 Incline Walking