7 Beginners Ball Exercises For Endurance, Power And Strength

Ball exercises are often thought to be difficult, tough and risky for beginners. However, the effectiveness of ball exercises in building muscles, strength, and power can never be denied. Ball exercises should ideally be done under the guidance of experts. Beginners should be careful about the duration spent on the ball which will help to build power and stability. These ball exercises should be done after warming up for ten minutes at least. This shall help in reducing the risks of injuries.
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Here Are 7 Beginner’s Ball Exercises For Endurance, Power and Strength In Bodybuilders

1. Ball Rear Deltoid Row

This is an effective exercise to workout the shoulders. Start by lying down. Your belly shall be against the ball. Your legs and back will be extended. You need to hold the dumbbells down by your sides. Your arms shall be extended. You need to raise the dumbbells at this point. Raise it up till your elbow makes a 90-degree angle. You will then again rotate them upwards. Now, slowly lower the dumbbells down. As you rotate up, you need to keep the angle made by your elbows still.

Ball Rear Deltoid Row

2. Reverse Extension

This is another simple exercise which helps in building strength and power. It also improves endurance and energy. Start as you keep your chest on the ball. Your toes and the fingertips shall be resting on the floor. You will be rolling forward so that your hands are just under the shoulders.
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Your hips should be touching the ball at this point. As you keep your feet together and also your core engaged, you shall lift up your legs. Lift from the floor till your legs are in line comfortably with your torso. You need to hold on for a beat and then repeat the workout. You need to do at least 10 repetitions.

Reverse Extension

3. Ball Jog

This is a recommended exercise for runners as it helps in building great stamina and power. Start by sitting comfortable on the ball. Your feet shall be firm on the floor. Your abs shall be engaged. You will be lifting up your knees up and slowly down. You will make an effort to bounce high. You need to bounce as high as you are able to. You need to keep bouncing for at least 3 minutes. Your heart rate shall increase during the mid-workout. This will effectively help in burning more calories. You will be able to lose excessive weight and tone your muscles in a short time.

Ball Jog

4. Ski Step

Wondering where the obliques come in? Try this alpine-influenced move to work the sides of the abs. Sit tall on the stability ball with feet together. In one smooth motion, swing the feet to the right and the arms to the left. Don’t be afraid to get into this move—the higher the enthusiasm the better the workout! Bring arms and legs back to center and repeat for 12 to 15 reps, alternating sides.

Ski Step

5. Ball Shoulder Rotation

Start the workout by lying down. Your belly will be against the ball. Your back and legs shall be extended. The elbows shall make a 90-degree angle. As you maintain the angle of the elbows, you roll the dumbbells, you will ensure that your forearms are completely parallel to the mat.
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Remember to breathe out comfortably as you roll up and slowly breathe in. Get back to the original position. You need to repeat the movement at least 10 times.

Ball Shoulder Rotation

6. Ball Squeeze Standing

This exercise is quite effective for your inner thighs, lower back and hip muscles. Start by standing straight. The ball shall be comfortably placed just between your legs. The center of the ball should be evenly placed between your knees. The ball should not touch the floor anytime. You need to comfortably squat down and help your knees make a 90-degree angle. You need to squeeze the ball with your thighs so that you are able to maintain a good balance. Stay in this position as long as you want. You can do for 30 seconds per set. You need to hold a ball which does not fit well. If you choose a ball which fits with difficulty, it will help you to work out better. The exercise shall be more effective.

Ball Squeeze Standing

7. Ball Balance On Thighs

You will need a small size exercise ball for this workout. This is quite like a warm-up exercise where you are able to build flexibility, energy, and stamina. Stand straight and throw up the ball. As the ball comes down lift your legs and get your thighs hit back the ball up. Use both your thighs. This can be done for ten minutes at a stretch.
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If the ball falls down, throw it up and repeat the process again.

Ball Balance On Thighs