7 Beneficial Forms Push-Ups For Women

You must have seen men performing push ups to build bulky and strong triceps. Pushups are equally beneficial for women as well. It strengthens the bones and muscles of their upper body, core and triceps. There are various variations of pushups and can be done by women easily. These amazing variations need the contraction of your upper body muscles.

In This Article We Will Tell You About Seven Pushups For Women And Their Benefits

Women Push Ups

This is an easier version of normal pushups. In this exercise you need to keep your knees on the yoga mat. Now lower your lower body to the floor to attain the position of a normal pushup. The difference here is that you get the support of your knees that give you balance. Doing ten to fifteen rounds of push ups. When you are comfortable with these pushups you can try standard pushups.

Counter Push Ups

These pushups are for those girl and women who are finding half pushups difficult. These push ups are meant for beginners. As the name implies here in these push ups you can use your kitchen counter. It is better to use any horizontal surface such as stationary chair or a bench that is kept at a certain level. You need to position yourself on this stationary surface. While balancing your body on the toes you need to push yourself up and down. To start with an easy way and get some strength in your upper body muscles, this type of pushup can prove to be a good choice.

Wall Push Ups

In wall pushups one has to place both of their hands on a wall. Both the palms should be wider than the width of your shoulder. Now kick your legs in outward direction and stretch the body so that you come on the toes. Now push yourself in forward direction towards the wall and push behind to come to the original position. This makes one round of push ups. Do few more rounds of it.

Ballistic Push Ups

In ballistic pushup one has to place their body in pose of a half pushup or full pushup. Lower your body just like you do in a normal pushup and when you raise yourself, do it with full force along with clapping your hands. Now return to the resting position on both the hands. These pushups help in exercising the muscles of your entire core and triceps to make them amazingly strong. Do ten rounds of it.

Diamond Push Ups

This variation of pushup is different from above mentioned variations as in this type you need to place your hands at a width slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. This would give a resemblance of a diamond shape. Now perform normal pushup by finely balancing your body on both the hands. This type of push up the balancing part requires more effort and so becomes a better workout for your core.

Spiderman Push Ups

In this pushup you need to start by taking the position of a normal plank. Now raise your body and bring up one of the knees in direction of the elbow. Now push your body behind as you come to starting position.

Raised Push Ups

This is an opposite version of the counter pushup which is done by keeping your feet above a raised surface. Now do a push up in this position. This engages your core and triceps harder.

As women have less strength in upper body as compared to other body parts these exercises will look difficult at the beginning. Start slow and gain momentum after a few sessions. For a stronger upper body, let’s not wait and try some of these interesting variations.


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