7 Benefits Of Practicing Mahayoga

Mahayoga is also known as great yoga; known to have a masculine touch and some amazing healing powers, the benefits of mahayoga are many. Mahayoga is not much of asanas but is primarily associated with dhyana or meditation. Try mahayoga at home and you will love its many benefits to your soul, body and mind.

How Mahayoga Brings Changes In Your Life


Mahayoga ensures strength and greater flexibility. Just as with all other yoga postures, mahayoga helps in stretching and toning body muscles. It makes muscle strength and helps in improving posture. This helps in relieving pain associated with incorrect posture.

Improves Cardiac Health

Those who practiced Mahayoga are known to have a better and balanced cardiac autonomic nervous system. It increases the heart rate variability as one practices it regularly.Regular practice assures healthy heart.

Better Tolerance, Immunity

Mahayoga brings in better immunity with increase in heart rate variability as one practices. Better heart rate variability means better immunity to stress and anxiety. With lower heart rate variability there is an associated risk of hypertension, chronic heart failure and coronary artery disease.
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Those who practice this regularly are known to have better tolerance, more immunity and more capability to fight stressful situation.
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Improved Sleep

Mahayoga helps in calming and relaxing the mind. It works upon the stressed muscles of the nervous system and calms them down. This induces sleep and helps in improved sleep conditions.

Inner Peace

Practicing Mahayoga everyday is like a mini-vacation experience. You get to visit calm, rich and serene spots of your beautiful inner self.

This is the best way to get peace in yourself and relieve yourself from all stress and worries.

More Energy

For all those who feel exhausted and drained out at the end of the day, Mahayoga is the solution. A few minutes of practice leaves you en energetic, peaceful and happy even after a long and hectic day. This meditation leaves you satisfied, refreshed and recharged instantly.

Creates Awareness

Mahayoga creates mind awareness. It saves people from getting stressed and worked up. Our mind is in constant activity, in some way or the other.
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Practicing Mahayoga helps in bringing the mind back to its normal self where it stays focused and happy.
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Start practicing Mahayoga from today and you will love the change it brings in your life.


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