7 Best Benefits Of Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio kickboxing is a smart combination of a number of exercises which includes martial arts, aerobics and boxing. Kickboxing is said to be the most popular in gymnasiums for its many advantages, especially for women. If you are still thinking whether to include cardio kickboxing in your routine, here are some rules why you should include.

Why You Should Include Cardio Kickboxing In Your Workout Routine

Saves Time

This is the best workout for whole body. Thus with cardio kickboxing, you can easily combine all other workouts in a single routine. Cardio-kickboxing is a great way to save time as you workout.
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All vital aspects of any exercise are included in one routine which includes strength building, respiratory fitness, body fitness and body composition.

Builds Strength

Punches are all about power and precision. Kickboxing punches are effective in building your upper and lower body muscles. Even the hamstring muscles are effectively worked out. The abdominal muscles gain strength from the different positions which are done for moves. Core strength improves. The body gets a better balance.

Stress Buster

Kickboxing a great way to get rid of stress. You can get rid of all your anger on your punching bag. As per American Fitness Professionals and Associates this is one the best ways to get rid of stress. This high intensity workout helps in restoring endorphins which is generally lost as the body gets stressed.

Fat Loss

Cardio kickboxing is an excellent aerobic exercise. This helps in increasing heart rate and helps in burning fat. In just 60 minutes of workout, more than 400 calories are burnt, which means effective weight loss.
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Self Defense

Cardio kickboxing helps in enhancing self defense skills. This workout includes many traditional martial arts components which offer great help when needed. Kickboxing practice sessions on different immobile objects helps in gauging distance of ones moves. This also helps in understanding a sense of ones own limitations and strengths.

Builds Confidence

All types of exercises help in boosting confidence. Kickboxing helps a person feel better mentally. It removes all stresses of professional and social life. After a session of cardio kickboxing, overall activities are enhanced.
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The person becomes more comfortable and confident.


Cardio kickboxing and the different punching moves helps in better coordination and balance of the body. Reflex system is well sharpened which means better coordination in the body.


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