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7 Best Exercises For A Slim Waist

Slim waist is the goal that everyone wants to achieve. But it is not possible if you eat less or only exercise. Even you can’t achieve it with staying hungry. You need to follow the right kind of diet with right exercises for ideal slim waist. You need to eat low fat and calorie contains foods and need to practice regular exercises that will strengthen your muscles. These exercises will help you to build a strong, slim and tighter waist and increase the metabolism.

Let’s Focus On The 7 Best Exercises To Achieve Slim Waist


Skipping is an excellent choice of exercise to lean waist. It increases your metabolism rate as well as build strong and tightens muscles. It will burn your calorie and fat instantly and afterwards. Practice jump rope skipping for forty seconds in high speed. Then take fifteen minutes break and then again do it for another five times and then take the break for one minute. Try complex and tough movements for involving more muscles. When you feel that you are comfortable with skipping, then twist the waist to left or to the right as you jump.

Ski Twists

Jumping jack is one of the most effective exercises for fat burner. Like jumping jack ski twist is also a very good fat burning exercise that you can try for slim waist. In ski twists you are jumping with keeping your feet together and twisting your hips. Jump and twist to the right at the same time and then come back to the centre and then again jump and twist to the left. This ski twists exercise increases the body function and burns calories.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrust is one of the favourite exercises of every woman. Hip thrusts with the glute bridge movements help to tone the muscles of glute and the lower back. This exercise makes your muscles strong and shapes your glute. It will give you a nice waist line with well-shaped curves.


Burpee is an exercise which helps to tone your whole body muscles. It is an energetic exercise that you can use to increase your metabolism and fitness. Professionals, athletes and sports person do these exercise to gain ultimate body fitness. Hop down to the plank pose. Then hop both legs in to fold and jump up to the standing position.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches are the exercises which help to work out your every abdominal muscle. It burns fat of your abs to lean your waist. It also helps to pump your heart faster to circulate your blood in the body. Bicycle crunches are good for toning your abs muscles and rejuvenate your heart functions.

Cat Pose

Kneel down on your four arms and legs. Then exhale and push your belly button towards the spine. Do it forcefully. Hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds and then release and repeat again.
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Practice this exercise for as much as you can do.
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It really works for TVA muscles. It is a beneficiary exercise that you can do.
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Hip Lifts

This exercise is very good for TVA muscles. It helps to tone your hips. This exercise helps to flexible your hips and hamstrings. Lie down on your back and slowly lift your both legs together without bending them.
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Place your hands on the floor to give you support. You will look like “L”.


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