7 Best Fat Blasters Exercises


Not doing any exercise; no time to go to the gym; too much work; travelling frequently hence not able to exercise…..reasons are many but people do want to lose the excess fat in their body and keep looking out for instant remedies. Sometime people stop doing exercise even because they get bored by it and feel it is not helping them lose fat at all. If you are one of them then this article is for you.

Here We Talk About Seven Fat Blasters Which Not Just Work But Are Also Interesting


Remember your school days where you would run from one end to another and enjoy it. Did you realize that you never had any excess fat during those days?

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start running again. It not just burns calories but also burns the fat. But, make sure you alternate between fast running and slow running to make it more impactful on the body.


Hula Hopping

Yes, we do mean to remind you of your childhood. Get yourself an adult hula hoop as these are heavier and larger when compared to the kid’s version. The best way to know if the size is right is it has to come up to your chest when you make it stand. Don’t worry if you not able to get the perfect spin as even trying this out burns a lot of fat.



Though dancing does not burn as many calories as people imagine it would it is still a fun way to burn fat. The way to do it is to play high tempo songs and those with fast rhythm and dance to its tunes. Play your favorite music or even try out workout songs. Towards the end of the dance paly some slow music as this helps in cooling down.



No we do not mean a leisure walk. Walking means vigorous walking and keep the pace steady. Believe it or not this is the best fat burning exercise which people tend to underestimate. It is best to alternate between fast walk and slightly slow walk for maximum benefits.


Rope Jumping

This boxer’s favorite training exercise is definitely on the list of excellent fat blasters. For this to work well it is recommended to use a rope that can only reaches the armpit when you stand in the middle of the rope.

The best part is one can do these movements with free hand even If you don’t have a jumping rope.
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It burns a good amount of calories in a limited time.

Jumping Rope


No problem if you don’t have a partner to play with. Hit the ball against the wall and run to pick it up yourself. Just imagine the number of calories you will burn doing this! After all it is your health isn’t it??



Skating is considered the top most form of burning calories. Balancing on skates takes up a lot of energy. One must skate at a steady pace and avoid much of hard skating. Get your skates and wear them and go ahead and burn all the excess fat.


Without hard work there is no success. So, don’t expect to be lazy doing nothing and burn away excess fat. There would definitely be one workout you like. Enjoy that and burn the fat as well!