7 Best Shoulder Exercises For Men

Best Shoulder Exercises For Men

Apart from bicep curls and bench presses, you also need to do shoulder exercises to get that toned, sculpted look. Shoulder exercises help to improve the posture and develop the well defined look.  The importance of exercising your shoulder cannot be ignored.
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  You need to be able to perform certain shoulder exercises in order to get well defined shoulders.

Shoulder exercises are the best way to gain bulk and accentuate and tone the body.  Doing shoulder exercises will help you to strengthen your shoulders as well. Shoulder exercises are ideal for those who want to have a toned physique. This article examines some of the best shoulder exercises that can keep you looking toned and fit.

7 Various Shoulder Exercises For Men

1. Military Press

Military Press

Stand with your knees relaxed and feet wide apart.  Hold a barbell in such a manner so that the palms are facing inwards and hands are apart a shoulder width.With your palms facing away from you, bend your arms such that your hands are in level with your shoulder.  Place the barbell above your head and lower it.

2. Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise

Grasp dumbbells and stand with your feet apart aligned to the width of your shoulders.  Arms should be on the side and palms facing inwards. Keeping your arms at level, ensure that your elbows are not locked. Your torso should not move and you should ensure that there is movement from your shoulders.

3. Push Ups

Push Ups

Push ups work the shoulder as well as other parts of the body such as the chest and abdomens. You need to perform them with your fingers pointing at a 45 degree angle. Ensure that your back is straight when you perform the push up.

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4. Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and arms bent at 90 degree angle while holding dumbbells. The fists should be in front of your ahead. Keeping your elbows bended at 90 degrees, raise your upper arms such that your palms are facing downwards.

Rotate your shoulders in a backward motion such that your hands are above your shoulders with your palms away from you.

Press your dumbbells above your head and lower them. Now rotate your shoulders forward  such that the palms are parallel to the floor and place your elbows at your side.

5. Shrugs


Stand with your feet wide apart and dumbbells in each hand such that your palms are facing inwards.  Holding your torso still, raise your shoulders towards your ears. This constitutes one repetition.

6. Upright Row

Upright Row

With your feet apart at shoulder width, with your palms facing in, ensure that the barbell is held at the middle and raise your bar towards your chin and then lower it. You have to keep your back straight and your knees relaxed.

7. Bent Over Lateral Raise

Bent Over Lateral Raise

With your feet apart till shoulder width, bend over at the waist. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and with your palms facing each other, your upper body parts should be parallel to the floor.Ensure that you do not lock your elbows.
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Raise your arms to the side such that your hands and elbows are in line with your shoulder and then lower these. This is one repetition.