7 Calf Toning Exercises For Women

When it comes to women, even the slightest of flab or fat in any area tends to become a problem. And the calves are one such place. You really cannot have too much flab over there but no doubt that getting toned and slim calves helps you look slimmer, especially in dresses that show off your legs.

So Here Are Calf Toning Exercises For Women


This one is really awesome because not only does it target the problem area of the calves, but also works on the butts and thighs. There are different ways of doing too. The basic squat is standing upright and then going down as much as you can, without letting the knees cross over the toes. Repeat 10-12 times and do 3-4 sets. Now to make this stretch on the calf more intense, raise yourself on the toes. This really tones and pulls the calves muscles.


Regular bridges are something you all are familiar with. You have to lie down on the floor, bring feet close to the butt and place hands on the side. Now, raise your butt off the floor and let the calves get working. To make this move more intense, try to raise your heels off the floor too. Hold the position and then get back. Repeat 20 times. Another variation you can try here is extend one leg straight in front of you and then lift the butt. It really puts pressure on the calves and gets those muscles toned.

Calf Raises

Now this one is a little more intense and you have to sit on the floor for this. Then keep a rolled mat or even aerobic stepper in front of you. Then place both legs over there. Now lift the body off the ground, using pressure on the calves along with the hands. You can do both legs at one time and also alternate between single legs.

Sumo Squat

This posture is there in yoga too and you can simply call it sumo squat. For doing this, extend the legs and keep them as far away from each other as possible. Now come down all the way to the floor. You can feel that stretch not only inside the thighs but also on the calves that are getting toned. Use your hands for supporting yourself.

Lunge Stretching And Pulsing

An awesome way to stretch the calves for women are lunge pulse and stretching. Since women are usually heavier on the bottom, this works the entire area of the legs. Stand straight and then bring right leg forward. Bend from the knee as the left leg goes back. Bend down but avoid the knees touching the floor and the right knee crossing over the toe. Now hold the stretch. Then start pulsing on the right knee. Do at least 30-40 pulses. Now repeat with left leg.

Stepper Stretch

For this exercise, keep one foot on the stepper or even on the staircase. Just make sure your heels are in the air and toes on the surface. Now stretch the leg as much as you can. Repeat on other side. It works on both legs at the same time.

Mountain Pose

This one really tones the calves and gives you a good stretch. Lie down on the stomach and then using hands and feet, raise the butt off the floor. Elevate the butt as high as you can to make the pose look like a mountain. Now take heels off floor to intensify the stretch.



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