7 Common Energy-killing Foods And Drinks You Should Completely Avoid If You Are Into Bodybuilding

With the health problems rising every day, people have become more conscious about their day to day lifestyle and eating habits. As an example, earlier bodybuilders were prone to consume fat killing elements and protein gainers (some of them still intake the same) but now, looking at the aftermaths of consuming such foods can be hazardous for the long term.
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We often are unaware about the food we consume not knowing the kind of impact it has on our body. Let us be more careful about the same by looking at some foods that we should avoid regularly.

Here Are 7 Common Energy-killing Foods And Drinks You Should  Avoid If You Are Into Bodybuilding:

1. Alcohol

Yes it would be a bit tough for you to avoid the same but consuming alcohol can tire you out for the next day. It is believed that drinking alcohol before bed would help you getting a goodnight rest, but on the contrary, the body tries to process the same and therefore you might not be able to have a deep slumber, making you feel unenergetic for the next day.


2. Soda

Soda may help you in digestion but it will also affect your joints at the same time. Containing artificial sweeteners and sugar. Phosphoric Acid present in the soda may be the reason for decaying of teeth and gums.


3. Commercialized Orange Juices

Orange juices are considered to be healthy but that only stays with the naturally extracted orange juices, not the ones we often consume from tetra packs. The presence of high fructose corn syrup, sugar and added colors are major reasons for obesity.

Commercialized Orange Juices

4. Coffee

Homemade coffee isn’t bad at all but the ones sold in shops can have negative side effects. Apart from excessive amount of sugar and syrups, the presence of artificial sweeteners is the key to increase your weight and make yourself feel heavy at the same time.


5. Fried Food

Fast food chains are earning millions every day because of the huge clientage. Fried food, even though it looks fabulous, doesn’t only get you fat but it is a major reason for obesity, heart diseases (due to increase in cholesterol) and giving you a sleepy mind all the time due to the heaviness. Avoiding the same can boost your metabolism and have a great day ahead, while consuming fried food early in the day can make you lethargic and irritated.

fried food

6. Commercial Yoghurt

Conventionally fermented yoghurt is rich of healthy bacteria. Do not expect the same from your local super markets to provide you the same quality. The microorganisms are considered great for your digestion but on the other hand, the commercialized yoghurts contain little amounts of the healthy part and more of sugar, color giving products and artificial sweeteners. Try to consume raw yoghurt with added flavors from your own stock such as berries or chocolate, giving you both the fun of flavors and the health of yoghurt.

Commercial Yoghurt

7. Energy Drinks

Consuming energy drinks such as RedBull or Monster may look like you are energized for the event but from the inside they do nothing but give you a kick for a short period of time while harming your body for the longer run. RedBull contains large quantities of caffeine which increases your heart rate and with the addition of quantities of sugar, this leads to increase in fat around the body, anyways making you feel sluggish.

The same is the scenario with soft drinks and avoiding the same for some time will give you the difference in your body shape with positive results.
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Energy Drinks