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7 Effective Exercises For Strengthening Groin Muscles

The groin muscles are of extreme importance, given the kind of abuse they face while a person exercises and walks throughout the day. Happy groin and adductor muscles actually make sure that the legs are stronger and it improves balance as well.

Here Are Some Best Exercises For Strengthening Groin Muscles

Band Abduction

This one is known to increase the strength in the groin muscles and involves standing straight with the feet together while putting a resistance band around the ankles. While holding a steady object for support, one needs to raise the left leg on the side while keeping the other foot strongly grounded stretching as much as possible. Taking a pause and getting the leg into the start position and repeating on the other side and completing more reps help in getting stronger groin and knee muscles!

Hip Extension

To practice this one, a person needs to kneel on the floor while the palms lie flat on the ground. The next step involves keeping one leg firm while lifting the other in the air as much as possible. Holding it for a second before bringing it to the initial pose and rising again in the air and doing it for 7 times in each leg does the trick!

Gravity Groin Exercise

To perform this groin strengthening exercise form, one needs to lie down on the left side with a chair near the feet. Now, the next step is to place the right leg on the chair while the left leg rests on the ground. Raising the lower leg towards the bottom of the chair against the gravity and holding for 10 seconds before returning the same to the floor does the trick! Switching to the opposite side and repeating is the way to move forward.
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Adductor Squeeze

To perform this simple form, one needs to lie down with the back on a mat placing the hands on the sides while the knees point upward while having a ball in between them. Squeezing the balls in between the kidneys to tighten the adductor muscles and holding for a few seconds before repeating for at least 10 reps does the work!

Side Leg Raise

To practice this one, a person needs to take a chair and stand next to it and while holding the chair with the help of the left hand, stand with the left leg placed well onto the ground. The next step involves raising the right leg in the air until a stretch is felt at the groin muscle. Swinging back and repeating with the left leg and repeating for 8 to 20 reps does the trick!

Side Lying Groin Stretch

To get this pose right, one needs to lie down on the left side and support the head with the left hand while the legs are kept straight. The next step is to lift the right leg in the air as much as possible while supporting the knee with the right arm. Holding on till the stretch is felt and repeating on the other side and repeating further helps in getting stronger groin muscles in no time!

Groin Stretch

To practice this one, a person needs to sit on a mat and bend the knees as close possible to the body while keeping the back straight while the knees touch the ground. Now bending the back a bit and putting pressure on the knees with the help of the elbows in the downward direction and slowly releasing the tension while repeating the entire feat for a few more reps helps gain stronger groin muscles in the long run!
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