7 Effective Lower Ab Workout For Women

Women have a tendency to put on weight around the lower belly, thighs and hips. Thus, when planning their workout routine, there should be special consideration for lower abs workout. In fact, there are several exercises which target the lower belly or the abdominal muscles in women. Regular workouts help in losing fat from the area, in toning the abs and offering great fitness. Here are some such best lower ab exercises for women.

Here Are 7 Effective Lower Ab Workout For Women

Leg Raise And Drops

Start by lying down flat. You will then slowly raise both your legs towards the ceiling. Start to breathe in slowly and tighten the abs as much as possible. As you exhale, you will start lowering your legs, till they are around five inches above the ground. Pause for sometime. Breathe in. As you breathe out, you will raise your legs and get back to the starting position. You need to do this at least ten minutes, which will target the lower ab muscles.

Hip Lifts

An effective workout which targets love handles and belly fat, as it tones the abdominal muscles in women. Start by lying down on your back. You will then slowly raise your legs and move them towards the ceiling. Keep your arms extended on floor. Keep them by your sides. You will slowly inhale and then tighten the core muscles. You can curl up the hips, and bring them towards your ribs as much as you can, all the while exhaling. In this process, you will be moving up your hips from floor and straightening the feet out. Keep breathing as you lower. You need to repeat this at least 10 times.

One Leg Mountain Climb

You will start this workout in the plank position. Your right knee shall be pulled up towards the chest. Your right knee should be totally stable. There will be a constant contraction on your side. You can slide your left knee in and then slowly backwards, as you ensure that height of the hips is maintained. You need to do this at least 12-15 times. Switch sides and then repeat. In this workout, the abdominal wall is contracted which helps in toning the muscles and removing unwanted fat.

Swiss Ball Workout

An effective workout specially for women, which targets all tricky muscles of the lower belly region and helps in toning them out. For this, you need to assume a push-up like position, as you keep your arms totally straight. Your shin will be comfortably rested on shin ball. In this position, your body will make a straight line like position from head region to the ankles. You will not change the lower back position, but will instead roll the Swiss Ball close to the chest, by simply pulling it with feet. You will pause for sometime and then push the back to its start position as you roll it back. This will complete one repetition. To start with, you need to do at least five such repetitions.

Roll Up

This is an easy, yet effective exercise which helps in working out and toning your lower ab region. Start by lying down on your back. You will then stretch your arms as you start extending the legs in order to make a straight line. You inhale and then take your arms overhead. Start to curl the upper body from the floor. Exhale, as you are halfway up and then start rolling a bit forward so that you are able to reach the toes. You can inhale and then reverse this movement, as you exhale while you are half way downwards and get back to the starting position. You need to repeat this movement at least 10 times.

Army Crawls

Start in plank position. You will then squeeze the butt with the help of a glider placed under your foot, just at the edges of the mat. You will now use your forearms, and crawl forward with five steps. You will move till your gliders hit just the end of mat and then you are able to crawl back. You should be holding on to the plank position at this position. Ensure that your legs are straight and your hips are completely stable. You need to do this movement at least five times. You will count one forward and back step as one repetition.

Torso Twist

Start by sitting in a cross legged position. Stretch your arms in front. Now, slowly breathe in. As you keep your abs tight and hips square, you need to breathe out and rotate the upper body to an angle of about 45 degrees towards your right or as much as you can. You will then get back to center and repeat this on left. You will complete 10 repetitions for working out your lower abs.


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