7 Effective Post Workout Exercises To Cool Down Your Body

Post Workout Exercises To Cool Down Your Body

Just as the warm up and workout session, post workout or cooling of the body is equally essential. Each of these phases has its own place and can’t be skipped otherwise it can lead to some health problems. Many times people feel drowsy after their workout, this is because they have not done sufficient exercises to cool down their body. Blood gets pooled in the legs and blood pressure reduces drastically which makes you feel dizzy. So always do the cool down exercise just after you finish your workout.

In this article we will tell you seven amazing post workout exercises to cool down your body.

These Are Post Workout Exercises To Cool Down Your Body


We need to remember this is a cool down exercise so you need not walk at a high speed. This exercise means a leisurely stroll. You are not required to pump up your arms or any other body region. Do walking for couple of minutes till each of your body part returns back to the normal state.


Leg Stretch

Stretching of your legs is very important after your lower body exercise and cardio session involving running on treadmill or cycling etc. Try to touch your hand to your toes without bending your knees. Your hamstrings get stretched with this exercise.

Single-Leg Stretch

Chest Stretch

Many of the cool down exercises involves stretching of big muscles of the body of upper and lower region. To do this exercise, lace your fingers together and place them behind your lower spine.

Now look at the ceiling and straighten your arms. It stretches the muscles of your chest effectively.
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Chest To Spine Stretch

Arms Stretch

This exercise helps your arms as well as shoulders to loosen up. Arms are the common muscles which are used in almost all exercises.

Crossing the arms across the body is a good arm stretching exercise.

Arms Stretch

Abdominal Stretch

You cannot overlook the abdominal region. This body area too requires good amount of stretching. Lie down on the support of your hands as well as knees. Now raise the back upward and keep inhaling and exhaling for a few seconds. This pose works on your entire core and spine area.

Abdominal Stretch


Jogging is considered to be one of the most beneficial post workout exercises. It should be done peacefully and in totally relaxed way. There are no targets and pressure to do a required number of jogging sets. After a good running session you can end it by a little jogging for seven to ten minutes. Keep your speed low and wait till the blood pressure comes to the normal level.

jogging on beach


Plank is highly recommended post workout exercise. It is a full body exercise which can be done after an exhaustive strength training or cardio session. This position stretches and strengthens your entire core muscles, hamstrings, arms, triceps and feet. All you get is enormous strength,increased endurance power and a stronger core. Lie down on your chest. Keep the entire weight of your body on your arms and feet. Maintain a position which is parallel to the floor. Keep your abdomen tight and look forward. Try to maintain this position for few seconds to minutes. You will feel the stretch and sensation in your thighs and abdomen.

Plank Pose

If you have completed your final repetition it does not mean that your workout is finished. There are few more light exercises yet to be done to bring back the muscles in the normal state. Whether you are doing cardio or weight training, every type of workout requires proper relaxation of muscles.
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When you cool down your broken muscles gets adequate rest to get repaired again. Follow these stretching exercises to get a healthy and fit body.