7 Effective Twist Exercises To Tone Your Abs

Toning the abs is something that requires a lot of effort. So you have to make sure that you are doing some cardio exercises along with regular abs workouts. Twist exercises are really effective in this reference because you are able to work on all the abs muscles, along with sorting out problems like love handles.

So Here Are 7 Amazing Twist Exercises For The Abs

Standing Twists

For this one you need to hold a kettlebell or even dumbbells in your hands. Then keep both hands in front of you either at chest level or even near the naval. Then squat a bit and start twisting from left to right. Go as extreme as you can and then get back to normal position and work the other side.

Do as fast as possible. It gets rid of love handles and tones the abs, while working on the back and thighs too. Do at least 40 twists.

Russian Twists

Veterans swear by the effectiveness of this exercise that really gets your ab muscles grooving. For this workout you have to sit on the floor and brings knee slight close to you, but feet should be about one feet away from the butts. You may use weights if you want. Else, bring both wrists as close to the chin as possible and then sway and twist from right to left.

It really works on getting a trimmer waistline. Try doing at least 40 twists.

Lying Down Twists

For this workout, lie down on the floor flat on your back. Now bring the feet as close to the butts as possible. Keep your hands under the head.
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Now suck in the stomach and keeping the upper body straight, twist your body towards the right side and bring knees close to the floor. Then get back to original position and move both knees towards your left side and give a good twist on your love handles. Do at least 10 times.

Leg Rising Twists

For this workout you have to lay down straight on the floor. Then exhale and bring both the legs towards you with the toes pointing towards the ceiling. Now take both the legs as much as you can towards the right side. Bring to the center again and then twist towards the left side. It works on all core muscles of the abs. Do at least 10 times.

Plank Twists

Get down on the plank position. So basically you lay down on the stomach and then raise your body using your hands and legs, elbows should be bent and on the floor. Now move your butts towards the right side while keeping your balance on the legs.

Get back to original position and repeat on the other side. Do at least 10 times.

Cycling Twist

For this workout you have to lay down straight on the floor and keep both the hands behind your ears. Now suck in the tummy and bring right knee as close to the face as possible.
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Now extend the right leg straight and bring the left knee towards your face. Keep doing this in a controlled yet effective motion. Do at least 30-40 reps.

Hanging Twists

If you have access to a pull bar then raise yourself above the ground using your hands. Now fold legs from the knees and twist towards the right and then back to the left. Do at least 20 times.


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