7 Exercises For Healthy Heart

No one needs to be an athlete to do hardcore exercises – to ensure a good heart rate you can do any exercise which will ensure healthy heart.There are many moderate to light exercises which help in reducing risk of heart diseases or in helping chronic illness conditions. Exercises which are specially done for heart health help in improving endurance level, flexibility and strength. Any type of activity is good for heart, but here are some exercises which are good for heart health. One should aim for at least 30 minutes of low or moderate intensity exercises for your healthy heart.
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Best Exercises For Healthy Heart

Climbing Stairs

The best exercise for health health; you should try to reach around 85 % of your max. heart rate in this exercise. Climbing stairs is the easiest way to reach this target range. You can do this at home or at the gym using a staircase climbing machine. To know your maximum rate you need to subtract your age from 220. You can check to see if you can carry a conversation when you are exercising; if you can comfortably converse it means you still have not reached your maximum heart rate. If you are not able to talk easily it means you need to work hard more.

Brisk Walking

Humans are born to walk. You can walk fast on the treadmill or simply hit the road to walk briskly and burn additional calories. Brisk walking is the best and the most natural way by which you can improve your fitness level. You just need to ensure you have comfortable shoes or else you might strain your tendons or muscles. Leisure stroll is much better than spending time on the couch. Just push yourself and motivate your mind to walk briskly for at least 45 minutes in a day.

Spinning On Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines are the best way to aerobic exercises. Such machines are available in almost all fitness centers. Exercising on such elliptical machine is highly recommended since it provides workout for the lower and upper body at once.
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The leg motion in this machine duplicates running with low impact. The fast rhythmic arm movement ensure that your shoulder and back muscles are getting the much needed blood flow.

Circuit Or Interval Training

If aerobic exercises are not motivating you enough, mix them up with the most helpful cardio workouts. You can  do 3 minutes of effective cardio exercises with one minute of strength training or just high intensity burst of cardio in just a minutes. You can also select some effective strength training exercises and do one set of exercise each time. This kind of circuit training help you stay motivated, improves muscular strength, helps in building endurance level and ensures good heart health.


Dancing is a great workout for the heart. It causes no boredom and can be done anytime and as long as one desires. You simply need the right footwear, a good music to keep you motivated, some space and your interest to workout as you enjoy yourself. You will be able to burn extra calories, maintain body flexibility while you maintain your heart health. Experts recommend a good aerobic beat to be of 130-135 beats in a minute. You can try high or low impact dancing; this is totally dependent on your preferences and ability to dance.


Running is certainly more challenging than walking and burns more calories than any other exercise. It also helps in increasing the heart rate much faster in a short time which increases its effectiveness. This is an excellent heart healthy physical activity which can be done indoors or outdoors.
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Running is the best way to burn fat or calories along with reducing all risks of heart attacks. If you are just starting to run, you should start by first brisk walking and then add 1 or 2 minutes of running for every 5 minutes you walk. As you start getting fitter you can keep increasing your running minutes and you wont feel the need to walk in between.


Cycling is a wonderful cardiovascular activity which is very easy on joints. It is an effective low impact exercise which can be done in the gym, on the road or in a spin class.
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You need to efficiently use your cycling time with changes in speed variations and time.
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You can also join a cycling club to strengthen or tone your lower body and the core muscles.

Cycling or working out in a stationary bike helps in increasing heart rate effectively. Bring variation in intensity and speed for the most effectiveness in your workout sessions.These exercises are highly effective but those who have certain health complications should get in touch with their physician before starting any new workout.


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