7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

One of the most difficult areas to get fat off is from hips or love handles. Love handles are the excess abdominal fat which gets deposited around the waists. Quite a lot depends on genetics and body type but unfortunately love handles are the most difficult spots to lose body fat. In spite of best efforts, going on a strict diet and spending hours working out, love handles seem never to go. This is the most common problem of women who find it extremely difficult to get rid of extra fat hanging around their tummy along with their butt area. But, there are a few exercises which target love handles exclusively. So, here is something to cheer about – there is still hope for all those struggling hard to lose fat from the spot.

Get Rid Of Love Handles

1. Scissors Like Abdominal Exercise

Scissors Like Abdominal Exercise

This exercise targets all the difficult stabilizing trunk muscles. It helps in activating leg muscles which creates a movement that challenges the core. Lie flat on the ground and lift your legs alternately and move  in a way to cross one another. Alternate legs will cross on top. This is a great challenging exercise and should be repeated at least 20 times in sets of three.

2. Battle Rope Waves

Battle Rope Waves

Start the exercise by standing on your feet which should be at least hip distance apart. Your hips and knees should be a bit bend. Your core has to be ‘locked in’. Start by gripping the ends of the rope. Your arms should be hanging straight downwards just at the center of your body. Now, lower yourself. You need a perfect half squat. Now, move your body upwards in a single movement as you extend your hips and knees while you swing your arms over the head. Get back to the starting position.

Continue with the movement. To get rid of love handles, you need to do at least 10 sets. Each set duration is of 30 seconds and rest is of 30 seconds.

3. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

This exercise targets the abdomen, hips, waist and belly fat. It can be done with or without the weight. It depends on the kind of resistance you desire and the difficulty level you are trying. Start by sitting on glutes. Your feet should be raised. Twist from one side to the other without any weight. You will feel the stretch in all flabby areas which means you are doing it perfectly.

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4. Plank Stability Exercises On Exercise Ball

Plank Stability Exercises On Exercise Ball

An effective variation of the plank, this exercise is done with stability ball. This ball is a great tool which activates core stability muscles and helps by adding an additional difficulty and challenge to an exercise which is already a bit tough and challenge. If you wish to challenge your torso a bit more and make this exercise a bit more effective, try raising your arm and leg to let your body stabilize more. However, keep in mind that your aim is to work hard but not cause any injury. Never force your body.

5. Running Planks

Running Planks

You need to do this plank as you are positioned face-down on a mat. Your feet should be together. Now, slowly lift your hips from the ground. Support your weight on toes and forearms while maintaining a neutral spine. Your core will be tight. Each exercise is of 30 seconds duration. You need to do in sets of 4.

6. Deadlifts

Start the exercise by standing with the bar just about the middle of your feet. The stance has to be narrower than your shoulder width so that your arms gets some breathing space. Go ahead and grab the bar just overhand. Bend through the knees till you find your shin slightly hit the bar which should be above the middle section of your feet.


The shoulder blades have to be directly over this bar. Start pulling by keeping your bar close to body.

Roll it over the knees. Your hips and knees will be locked. Repeat this at least 15 times as per your comfort levels. It should be done in sets of 4.

Doing the exercise on a regular basis will help to get rid of love handles.

7. Burpees


These are a combination of strength and cardio training. They target abdomen, legs, upper back triceps and shoulders. Burpees are full body exercise which tone all muscles and focus on fat accumulation anywhere in the body. One has to do 10-20 repetitions. 3 sets should be done for best results.Along with the above exercises, try to have a balanced diet and reduce your sugar intake. You will notice how your love handles disappear in a short time.