7 Exercises To Lose Up To 5 Pounds and Tone Your Body In One Month

Losing 5 pounds in just a month is tough and definitely challenging but certainly not impossible. You need to be determined, work hard, concentrate on your exercises, have the right food and be positive during the entire time. Doing certain workouts on a regular basis or as per schedule helps in increasing the body flexibility, tones the muscles and removes unwanted fat from body. Here are some interesting exercises or moves which might help you to lose at least 10 pounds in a month.

Lose Up To 5 Pounds In A Month:

Single Leg Balance

This workout targets your legs, butt and ab muscles effectively and tones them while removing excessive fat. You start by balancing on your right leg. Keep your left leg bent with the foot off the floor, just in front of you. Keep your hands on hips or you can keep them extended just in front for added balance.

Gently low down to squatting position on your right leg.
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Your right knee has to be in alignment with your toes. As you maintain this squat position throughout, extend your left leg out towards the left. Your toes will face forwards. Your foot flexed. Now lower your left leg. Do at least 10 repetition before you switch sides and again do them.
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Cross Jack

A smart exercise which burns calories at a faster rate! This targets the legs and arm fat. Stand as you keep your feet wide apart ( hip width). Your arms will be at sides. Jump at least feet wide and raise your arms overhead. Your wrists will cross one another above. Jump keeping your feet together so that they cross one another as you cross your arms in front of your hips. This should be done for at least 20-30 seconds to one minute, as much as your comfort level. You can switch your foot & arm positions every time you jump.


Cardio exercises are excellent for weight loss. It is one of the fastest ways to burn calories in a short time. It is versatile and you can do this anytime. Riding an indoor bike is as effective as your cycling outside. It is fun and you won’t feel you are exercising. Include 45-50 minutes of rigorous bicycling to burn more calories. Start with a shorter duration and keep changing your intensity so that your body does not get accustomed to the workout schedule.

Wall Sliding

A wonderful exercise which targets your butt muscles, hip and abdominal fat! This helps in burning calories at the fastest rate. Lie on the floor, close to the wall. Your back will face the wall. Keep your head rested on your left hand. Your right hand will be on the floor, just in front of your body for additional balance. You need to extend your legs forward so that they are in front of your body.

You need to press your right heel back totally against the wall behind you. Your foot will be flexed with toes that will be pointed forward. Keep shoulders and hips squared forward as you press heels against the walls. You will be sliding up as much as possible. Then lower your leg, while still keeping your heels pressed to get back to the starting position. Repeat at least 10 times and switch sides.


A very effective exercise which helps to lose calories fast! It works as a good stress reliever also. Kickboxing helps in improving coordination and enhances body flexibility. This is a versatile sports activity which offers great results.

Lunge To Push-Up

A great exercise to reduce fat accumulation from your hips, legs, abs, butt, shoulder, chest and also arms! Stand tall keeping your feet, hip width apart. Keep your hands on your hips. Step a bit forward with your right leg. Slowly get into lunge position as you keep your knees bent at 90 degrees.

Lean a bit forward over the right thigh. Keep your hands on floor, just on either side of the right foot. Take a step backwards with your right foot, as that you are in a complete push-up position. You can then bend your elbows. Lower your chest to the floor. Repeat thee exercise.

Elliptical Training

Using an elliptical machine also helps in quick calories burn. It offers excellent Cardio workout. Your whole body gets a complete workout and toned. Elliptical training works better than a treadmill also, since there is a lot of resistance and its done on an incline which is excellent for all muscles. You are also working out your arms.
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Include all the above exercises in your workout schedule and you will notice the difference in your body in a short time.


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