7 Fat Burning Exercises From Home

Its fun to workout in the gym but if for some reason you are not able to join one, you can still workout from home and reduce extra fat from your body. You do not always need the best of gym equipment or your personal trainer to stay fit and workout from home; you just need to know which exercises you need to do. There are several fat burning exercises which can be done from home; you just need to stay motivated and have the initiative to workout regularly, just as you do in the gym.
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Lose Weight With Fat Burning Exercises At Home:

Rolling Plank Exercise

A popular exercise which works works on your hip fat, abdomen areas and back. Start by taking your position on floor. You can use a mat too. Your elbows and knees should be resting on ground. You should be looking forward to keep your neck in alignment with the spine. You need to lift your knees so that they support your legs now as you are on toes. Contract the knees and remain in this plank position for at least 30 seconds. You should be breathing normally during the position. You will move to and fro for at least one minute.

Bent Leg Rotating Exercise

An effective exercise which works on the abs and your inner thigh. Stand straight as you place your hand just on the back of your hand. This offers support and helps you to concentrate on legs. Lift your right leg which will be bent towards your waist. You should keep rotating your leg as you keep your knee bent. Keep rotating in circular movements. You should rotate for at least 15 seconds. You should repeat this same rotation to the back with the same leg. Once you complete your right leg, move to the left. Bend your knee and rotate it forwards for at least 15 minutes. This is a real challenging exercise but highly effective.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches target stomach fat. Lie on your back on a mat. Raise your knees as you keep your feet on ground. Keep your hands on your sides. Push you feet in a way that the thighs are totally perpendicular to the ground. Your feet will be above the ground. Now, you can lift your back in a way that your knees are bent towards the chest. Inhale as you keep your feet on the ground. Exhale as you are back and you are moving your knees towards your chest. Repeat at least 10 times.

Superman Exercise

A simple exercise which works great to tone your lower back, abs and thighs. Face the ground and stretch yourself well as you keep your legs and hands straight. You should lift your thighs and chest from the ground at this time. Be careful to balance yourself well on your tummy. This might be difficult in the beginning but with a bit of practice, this will be easy. You should keep yourself straight during this exercise. You should be lifting your chest and thighs from the ground for 20-30 seconds as per your comfort level. This exercise also helps in toning your stomach muscles.

Side Crunches

Side crunches are good for your love handles and belly fat. This is quite similar twist crunches and helps in toning down your love handles. You need to lift up your right leg as you tilt your left shoulders towards your right shoulder. Do this for your other leg, at least 12 times each side.
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Do 2 consecutive sets.

Skipping Exercise

An all time favorite exercise for all. All you need to do is take your skipping rope and start jumping. Jump for at least 30 seconds. Normal jumps are good for 15-20 seconds and then you can move on to an intensive one which burns more calories.
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You can jump with your both legs together which is better. You will definitely sweat at the end of your exercise. Remember to keep your knees and back straight as you jump.

Side To Side Bending

Bending side to side helps in removing excessive fat deposits in your stomach and hips. Your body gets a perfect shape if done regularly. Start by standing in erect position. Keep your feet together. Now lift your hands and stretch well above your head.
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Your hands should be clasped well. Now bend to your left. Bend as much as possible till you feel a strain. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds and get back to your original standing position. Repeat this on your other side too. Once you feel comfortable.Repeat.Just get started with your weight loss regime and you will simply love the results.


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