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7 Gym Exercises In Holidays For Fat Loss

Holidays are the time of fun, excitement and good food! It is also the time to gain some extra pounds and forget all about it. Well – do not let this happen with you. All it needs is a bit of effort and desire to stay healthy. Do not miss out your gym sessions in all the fun. With just 40 minutes spent in the day, you can enjoy your holidays completely guilt free. Isn’t that a great idea? So, just get up, put on your gym gear and head for some fat blasting holiday workouts. Here are some easy ideas to stay fit and keep fat away from your body as you holiday.

Gym Workouts During Your Holidays:

Density Circuit

You can select any four compound exercises. These will target all the muscles effectively.

Set a repetitive scheme and set time limit for doing each one. Density circuits are great when there is only body-weight to work on. The best forms of density circuit include pike pushups- at least 10, body weight squats – 25, pushups – 20 and single leg hip thrusts – 15 for each leg. Repetitions should be done with rests in between.


This makes a great 30 minute workout, quite effective in losing weight. This is a high intensity interval training with great aerobic capacity. It works good as continuous endurance training but one which is done in lesser time and with less intensity. You need to warm up for at least 10 seconds. Cycling can be done at two-three different speeds. 10 minute warm down is also necessary.


Treadmill can accommodate any kind of fitness goal and level. This is a wonderful way to burn calories and help in weight loss as it helps in stimulating real life movement of running or walking.

For maximum effectiveness, you need to bear your weight as you walk or run on the treadmill. This means you should not hold on the side handles of the treadmill. It is important to stay on with the speed of the treadmill. You should not be taking it easy or resting as you workout.Keep changing the intensity for most effectiveness.

Step Downs

Start by standing on a high bench or a chair. Keep your spine long. Your gaze shall be fixed on horizon just in front. Now, lower one of your legs a bit backward. It should be lowered off your chair till it touches the ground very lightly. You will spring up from this position and again keep your leg on the chair. You should repeat the exercise with your other leg. Your knee should be in line and it should be with the second toe all the time.
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Stepping Lunges

Start by standing straight and confident. Keep your feet distance apart, preferably shoulder width as much as you can. You will then take a long stride in front. As you take the stride ensure that you are maintaining the same width between the feet. As your front foot lands on the ground, you should slowly lower down your knees to lift from the ground. Ensure that your torso stays upright at this point – you will feel the burn at this point. Also, your front knees should not go beyond your toes. Push back upwards slowly at the bottom, till you are standing again. This entire process should be repeated with your other leg.

Cross Over Sit Ups

You will be sitting on a Swiss ball for this exercise. Slowly, as you maintain balance lower the upper body and get it horizontal. Your lower back shall be on the Swiss ball. Back will be a bit hyper extended.

Your fingertips shall be on your temple. You need to sit up and again twist. This twist will take your right elbow just across the body towards the left knee. (It might be a bit difficult as you start off, but with regular practice your body should be flexible enough to let this happen smoothly.
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) You should stop short. Now, gently lower till you find your mid back is touching the Swiss ball. You need to repeat this procedure on your other side. If you are able to do this exercise correctly, you shall feel the burning sensation.

Kettle Bells

These are specially made cast iron balls which are fitted with a handle. The weight of such an equipment is not distributed evenly unlike in other machines where there is no equal distribution of weight. Thus, in this workout the body has to work hard in order to stabilize itself and also to counterbalance weight of this ball. Kettle bells offer great workout and can burn as much as 100 calories in just 20 minutes. This is a must-include workout in your holiday gym schedule.


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