7 Intense Lower Abdomen Muscle Toning Workouts For Women

Women have a great tendency to put on fat in their lower abdomen. Lower abdominal muscles need regular exercising to keep away fat from the region. Accumulation of fat and tightened lower muscles may cause problems in flexibility and overall fitness in women. Intense lower abdomen muscle workouts are recommended for women, which will help to keep fat accumulation under control. These are simple yet intense and highly effective workouts which are necessary for all women.

Here Are The 7 Intense Lower Abdominal Toning Workouts For Women:

1. Torso Twist

This is an effective exercise which tones the lower abdominal muscles. You need to start by sitting cross-legged. Stretch out your arms and keep them in front as your fingertips are touching. Breathe in comfortably. As you keep your abs tight and square your hips, you need to slowly breathe out and rotate the upper body. Your upper body should make a 45-degree angle towards the right. You can get back to the center and repeat the movement on the left. You need to complete at least 10 repetitions.


2. Scissors

This is an intense workout for the abdominal muscles. It helps in toning the entire abdomen and removes fat. Start by lying down as you keep your face up. Your hands shall be behind the head. You need to lift your head and the shoulder up from the floor. As you use your abdominal muscles, you can lift the legs up from the ground and move them as you move the scissors. You need to alternate one leg up and again down. You shouldn’t be straining the neck. Your chin shall also not move forward. You need to do the movement for at least 3 minutes, take a break and again move for two minutes.


3. Leg Drop

Start by lying down on a mat. You will raise your legs to the ceiling. Now, as you breathe in, you will tighten the abs. Slowly exhale and lower the legs, till they are at least four inches from the floor. You can also go low as you can. You can pause and breathe in slowly. Now, just breathe out. You can raise your legs and get back to the start position. You should repeat at least ten times.


4. Hip Tips

An intense workout which helps in reducing belly fat and also tones the lower abdominal muscles in a short time. Start by lying down flat on the back. Keep your legs straight up in the air. They should make a 90-degree angle. You need to place one ball just between your inner thighs. Your hands shall be relaxed by your side. Now, you need to press the ball and tip the hips up. This is a very subtle movement. Ensure that you are not rocking the hips. You just need to tip them slightly so that a movement is initiated in the lower abdomen. Now, crunch in and again tip the hips. You will release it just halfway. Repeat the movement. You need to progress by simply holding weight in the hand. You need to do at least 15 controlled repetitions.


5. Straight Leg Raise

You need to start this workout from a face-up position on the floor. Your hands shall be just under the lower back. They should be bracing your core muscles. Now, lift your straight legs slowly up from the ground. They should make 90-degree angle. You can again lower them and place them on the floor. In case you experience a pain in your lower back, you should take a break and do slowly.


6. Jack Knife

An intense workout for the lower abdominal muscles which every woman should include in her fitness routine. Start by lying down in a face-up position. Keep your arms overhead, completely extended. Your feet shall be together and legs extended. As you comfortably exhale, you will squeeze your abs and then raise your right arm and the left leg. Your aim shall be to touch hand to foot. In this position, inhale and then slowly get back to the start position. You need to repeat for at least 15 seconds. You can switch sides and repeat.


7. Lower Belly Leg Reach

This exercise helps in toning the lower body and reduces muffin top figure too. Start by lying down, as you keep your face up. Your knees shall be bent to make a 90 degrees position. Keep your abs contracted and your hands behind. Your knees shall be over the hips as you lift the shoulders and crunch. At this position inhale and stay in this position for 5 seconds at least. As you exhale, you should make a 45-degree angle. Stay in this position for 3 seconds and squeeze the lower belly. You need to do two sets and repeat 15 times.