7 Low-Calorie Energy Boosting Foods In Diet For Bodybuilders

 Foods In Diet For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders and sportsmen need to follow a strict diet which should ideally be of low calories. In spite of being low in calories, these foods should off much-needed nutrients and energy for high levels of endurance and energy. Such energy boosting foods are healthy and full of nutrients without adding to the calorie count. It is important to have a balanced diet of high energy foods in the diet for a healthy life. These foods shall give you enough energy to stay alert and fit after working out for a number of hours. If planning a diet has always been a problem, you can follow this nutritious plan for your everyday life.

Here Are 7 Low-Calorie Energy Boosting Foods In Diet For Bodybuilders

1. Brown Rice

Brown rice is richly loaded in manganese. It helps in staying energetic throughout the day. You can serve brown rice with delicious nutrient-packed vegetables. Brown rice can be served in measured quantities for dinner or rice.

Brown Rice


2. Soybeans

Soybeans are one of most essential nutrients which our body needs for energy. Soybean is rich in iron which helps in transporting oxygen with the help of red blood cells throughout the body. If there is a deficiency in iron, it can lower the metabolic rate and lower the level of energy. You can have half a cup of soybeans daily.
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You can prepare soybeans with spinach for added benefits and taste.


3. Vegetable Salad

Bodybuilders should have a high-energy, low-calorie salad every day. Your lunch can be nutritious if you include a large number of fresh vegetables.
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You can prepare a delicious and healthy vegetable salad with your favorite vegetables. Add color and variety with broccoli, carrots, pepper, dark leafy greens, lettuce and more. You can include low fat protein in the form of chickpeas in your diet.

Vegetable Salad

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is said to be the best breakfast options with its high nutritious content. It is packed in fiber and is known for its high energy boosting nutrients. Oatmeal contains wheat bran which is a soluble fiber and helps in ensuring balanced blood sugar level. You can have oat bran or rolled oats which are both high in fiber.
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Include a number of fresh fruits of your choice for added nutrients and health.


5. Fruits And Cheese

This can be an interesting dessert to include in your diet. The fun part is that with a bowl of fruits and cheese, you do not add to your calorie count.
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You just need to chop a few slices of your favorite fruit and add 1% cottage cheese to the fresh bowl of fruit. Cottage cheese is rich in proteins which are needed by bodybuilders for the growth of their muscles and general energy levels. You can add a spoonful of honey to your fruits bowl for added taste. Your healthy bowl of dessert is rich in nutrients and low in calories.

Fruits And Cheese

6. Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of a number of healthy ingredients which includes iron, manganese and phosphorous. Iron is much needed by the body for transporting minerals and vitamins throughout the body. It is low in calories and high in nutrition. You can have a rich bowl of spinach salad. You can serve spinach in soup or in other recipes.


7. Hard Boiled Egg

Egg can be an excellent snack to include in your diet. It is rich in protein and energy producing nutrients ike thiamin, folate, B6, B12 and riboflavin. Hard boiled eggs are easy to prepare, carry and store too.

Hard Boiled Egg

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