7 Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Beginners

Thinking about starting a workout routine, but scared about the tough sessions? A good way to begin a new workout regime is to start easy with low impact cardio workouts and then challenge yourself a little more with daily workouts. Five such low impact cardio for beginners are summarized here. Go through to make a solid daily workout plan.

Here Are 7 Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Beginners:

1. Walking

Walking is the most popular low impact cardio exercise. It is a stress free way to keep moving and requires no investment or any special equipment.
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All you need to do is start walking briskly to increase your breathing. Maintain pace and do not exceed speed that makes it uncomfortable for you to talk. Start with a 10 minutes brisk walk every day and gradually increase the time and distance you walk.
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Slowly increase your walking routine and aim for a minimum of 2.5 hours of brisk walking per week.


2. Cycling

Bicycles or stationary bikes both are easy on joints and helps burn a lot of calories. Even a casual ride is a good cardio exercise and helps make the muscles strong. Every pedal stroke works out the core and the lower body. It is the easiest means to shed weight and boost metabolism. Start with a 10 minute biking session and gradually challenge yourself by increasing the duration and resistance. Increase speed until you feel short of breath and are drenched with sweat.


3. Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs is a simple exercise that many of us do not try but it is very effective in burning calories, and building power and strength. Beginners can start walking up the stairs, one at each time. Do a bit of warm up like skipping or jogging before you start and elevate your leg high when you climb up stairs. Place you foot on the step and push it off using heels to reduce strain on knees. While you climb down, walk and do not run. Slow down and take breaks when necessary. Choose long, wide and straight steps.

stair climbing

4. Stutter Steps

This is an easy full body cardio for beginners. Stand straight and place your feet wide apart. Position your arms on your sides and gaze forward. Stretch your left leg backwards and move up your hands straight above your head. Bend your right leg a little for balance. Move your left knee upward and bring your elbows near your abdomen as you crunch. Do again the same movement for 10 counts and switch sides.

shutter steps

5. Jogging In Place

Jogging in same place is yet another low impact cardio. Simply jog for 5 minutes on the spot, outdoor or indoor, take a 60 seconds break and then continue jogging for 5 more minutes.

While jogging, get your knees as much high as possible and swing your arms just like you do when you run. Perform three such sets of in place jogging.

jogging in place

6. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack is a superb cardiovascular exercise. Stand with feet together and hands on sides.

Jump and bring your feet to side and raise your hands above your head. Reverse the motion on next jump and continue the same motion until you feel short of breath.

jumping jacks

7. Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to jazz up a walking routine. You can choose flatter areas for hiking in order to keep the impact to a minimum. Go through a few do’s and don’ts about hiking before you strap on your boots and ready to hit the woods.
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