7 Mistakes We Usually Do While Running

7 Mistakes We Usually Do While Running

Running is indeed one of the best form of exercising which boosts up the entire body whether done outdoors or indoors on a treadmill. However, in the anticipation of taking to running, many people commit a lot of mistakes which inevitably leads to pain and injury. Thus avoiding them is the best remedy.

Some Of The Mistakes One Makes While Running Are Discussed Below:

Wearing The Wrong Pair Of Shoes

According to experts buying a proper running shoe is of utmost importance due to the fact that if one does not do so, chances are there that the person might suffer from injury or pain in the longer run. Even though wearing and buying proper running shoes is necessary, that really does not mean that the most expensive ones would always be the best, thus it is important to do a bit of a research before finalizing.

The shoes should be judged on factors such as comfort, durability, soles and et al. Shoes with extra padding also helps if a person is keen to run every day.

wrong pair of shoes

Warming Up Is Important

One of the common running mistakes a newcomer makes is by starting the schedule headlong without prior warming up. This actually leads to an array of issues like cramps in the joints and even sore in the muscles as well. Thus, it should be kept in mind that a running schedule should start post a stretching and warming up exercise routine too.

Warm Up And Stretching Of Muscles

Arm Swinging Is Not Advisable

Another mistake runners make is by swinging their arms as they run on either the roads or on the treadmill. This is to be taken care of due to the fact that swinging the arms too much actually burns up the energy which exhausts a person fast. Thus, on should keep the arms at waist level while running.

Running Routine

Running While In Pain

Even though muscle soreness and factors related to it happens with a runner who is staring off, but one should also understand the difference between a sore due to exercising and intense pain. It is absolutely not advisable to keep running when one is severely injured or feeling a lot of pain. In both the cases, running aggravates the issue rather than doing any good.

Never Ignore Pain

Arching Forward Or Hunching While Running

This one mistake is done by most of the runners, new ones and oldies alike and which is another mistake which leads to innumerous issues in the future. This position to start exercising with, even if being seen to be used by many is actually not the right way and leads to back pain and posture problems later in life. When the body arches forward too much, it results into exertion of the body to keep the balance part intact.

Thus, it is always advisable to keep a solid upright posture while running even if it means that the speed decreases initially.


Running With Heel Put First

This one is another common mistake lot of runners make and however should restrain from making. This happens when the runner lands his heels first while staring the run and this continues while he or she tries to take longer strides as well. Both the things done in this case are mistakes and contrary to popular belief either taking longer strides or walking with theheel first, both wastes unnecessary energy and increases the chances of getting injured as well. Thus it should be kept in mind that the strides taken should be optimal and the landing should be at the mid-sole region with the feet directly underneath the body.

heel put first

Overdoing The Schedule

Even though initially a runner feels extremely pumped up and thinks of overdoing it too much but at the end of the day it leads to pain and injury and nothing else. Thus it is advisable to start slowly and increase both the time and the speed gradually as the body grows with the same and accepts the change.