7 Must Do Isometric Exercises With Their Benefits

Must Do Isometric Exercises With Their Benefits

Slowly taking pace and gaining popularity, isometric exercises are performed without bringing a change in the muscle length and works on the muscles when in a static position. It is a better way to say that some of the yoga poses, core exercises and pilates are isometric in nature.

Some Of The Effective Isometric Exercises And Their Benefits Are Discussed Below

Dolphin Pose

This exercise is known as the dolphin pose according to the yoga and also known as a Forearm Plank exercise in lay man terms. This one is great to strengthen the core, shoulders and the arm muscles as well. This can be practiced by starting in a plank position with the abs tightened and by bending the arms and shifting the body weight on the forearm region. Holding the pose initially for about 10 seconds and increasing the time helps.

Downward Facing Dog

Isometric Push-Ups

This one helps to strengthen the muscles in the arm area and can be started with a normal push-up pose and by balancing the body weight on the palms and the knees. After that, one needs to raise the body upwards and hold for a few seconds before getting back to the original shape.

Isometric Push-Ups

Shoulder Extension

This is a great exercise routine to stretch the upper back muscles and Is known as the Shoulder exercise. Pretty easy to sound, this one needs the person to stand straight against a wall and slowly start straightening the elbows along with stretching the shoulders upward too! This is a great way to toughen the core muscles and painful initially as well.

Shoulder Extension

Squat Hold

This is one of the effective lower body exercises which does wonders to the thigh region! This position has two variations which one can try as well. For the Mid Squat hold, one needs to lower into a squat and stay in the position which will look similar to like sitting on an invisible chair. Holding this for at least 10 seconds works great! The other variation is the Deep Squat which is done by lowering the body to a squat while the knees are near the chest and the butt just a few inches above the ground. Holding for a few seconds before getting up and repeating helps too!


Wall Push-Ups

Contrary to what physics teaches about if one pushes a wall there is no motion and thus no work done, here the case is just opposite as in this exercise by just pushing the wall, the upper body muscles get worked up well and also considered to a great isometric regime. To do this, one needs to put the hands on the wall while keeping the arms shoulder width apart.
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Now leaning on the wall, one needs to push as hard for at least 15 seconds before relaxing.

Wall Push-Ups


Plank is known as one of the most effective and popular of all the exercises ever and for all the right reasons! This one helps in strengthening the entire body while putting special impact on the arms and the core muscles.
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To practice this with positive result, one needs to get into the push up pose where the body is aligned and the bellybutton sucked, arms straight and the abs tightened. Holding the pose for at least 15 seconds does wonders!
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Plank Pose


Another way to really strengthen the body is the isometric version of pull ups which just needs to hang oneself from a pull-up bar without the requirement f any other movement whatsoever! This exercise regime works extremely well and helps in contracting and expanding the body muscles. This one needs to be performed just by hanging on a bar with the weight on the hands and holding it for 15 seconds before releasing and getting down.