7 Plyometric Exercises And Their Benefits


Plyometric exercises are also called shock exercises because they are done at a rapid pace and tends to shock the body. It is taken from the Greek word “pleythyein”, which also means to increase. This plan was made in the former Soviet Union by Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky. He is also referred to as the “father of plyometrics”. You can try out this method at home too, with some warm up of course-

List Of 7 Plyometric Exercises And Their Benefits


This is one of the most popular forms of plyometric exercises or workouts. For this exercise you have to stand straight and then get into an almost squat like position. Touch the floors with palms flat so that it can support your weight. Now take both legs back together, as you do in plank.

Hold for 5 seconds and then again stand up. These burpees take the body into quick fat burning mode. They help you lose weight, improve muscle and upper body strength and also works on the core.


Plank Walk

This is another effective way to get your body grooving with plyometric exercises. It boosts neuromuscular system efficiency, which helps your muscles contract and retract at a much faster pace and thus burn fat faster too. For this plank walk get into basic plank. Arms and legs should support your body weight. Then using your hands and legs together walk in the plank position. Take right arm upfront first followed by right leg and then left arm and leg.
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Sideways Plank Walk

Mountain Climbers

If you want to get the benefit of plyometric workouts to boost your cardio and also increase stamina for other workouts, this is a good exercise. Again, you have to be in the basic plank position. Lie on the stomach and then raise both hands and legs to support your weight on all fours.

Now bring right knee as close to the chest as possible and take back.

Do so with left knee and alternate between legs at a rapid pace.

Mountain climbers

Jump Squats

For this workout you have to get into the basic squat position. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and then bend as low as you can, without knees crossing toes. Then stand up again and jump as high as you can. Then go from jump straight into the squat position. This plyometric workout targets complete lower body, burns stubborn fat around middle and core.

Jumping Squats

Lateral Jumps

This is a high intensity plyometric exercise that burns fat like crazy. It makes you more agile, gets your concentration boosting and also improves endurance. For this workout, stand with legs as far apart as you can. Slightly bend left leg and bring your right hand and touch the left foot. Now jump back to feet together and do this with your right leg too and bring left hand to right ankle. Do it as fast as you can.


Dead Lift Hop

For this you have to use one leg at a time. This plyometric exercise makes use of yoga done in a fast paced with. Stand with feet together and take left leg as back as you can (Think T pose of yoga).
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Arms should be extended in front.  Then as you bring the leg back front, take it to a knee hop. Do this 10-15 times on each leg.


Plank Straddle Hop

This one is a real plyometric killer. For this workout, get into basic plank. Lie on the stomach and then raise both hands and legs to support your weight on all fours. Your elbows should be touching the floor. Then lift both legs together and extend outwards like in jumping jacks. Then raise your elbows and do a push up. Repeat the sequence. This works together on the legs, core and upper body muscles.