7 Power Yoga Exercises To Lose Fat

Power yoga is the way to great fitness, amazing weight loss and great flexibility in a systematic and highly efficient way. All you need to do is take help from power yoga expert, prepare your target goals, get your yoga schedule done and roll out your yoga mat. Your done

Power Yoga Weight Loss Exercises:


Place your mat on the floor or any firm surface. Deeply breathe in and out through your nose, as you say “OM”. Take deep breaths, go slow and concentrate. You can do as many times you wish and keep adding repetitions as you get stronger and familiar with this. Once you have completed, you should lie down for at least 3 minutes. Keep your feet spread apart, arms should be by your side and eyes closed. This is a stress booster, calms your brains and brings in positivity to your mind. All Power Yoga exercises should start with OM chanting.

Cobra Pose

A great exercise which helps in toning abs and firming buttocks. Start on the floor, lie down on your belly.

Keep your palms faced on floor, just beside chest. Now, lift your upper body up. Lift the chest from the floor. Bend back as much as you can and look up. Stay in this steady pose for one minute or less and then release. Unwanted fat will slowly reduce from your abs and buttocks.

Down Dog Crunch

Start on your knees and hands. Keep your palms in front of your shoulders. Knees will be under hips. Toes will be tucked under. Now, as you exhale start to straighten your legs. Press up to a downward facing dog. Your body resembles an inverted V. Stretch your heels down towards the mat. Inhale and lift your right leg up.

Press palms evenly on floor or mat. Exhale and again lift your body forward just like plank position. Pull your right knees towards your right elbow. Inhale as you reach your right leg upwards. Return and get back to one legged down position. You can do 1o repetitions. Switch sides and do again.

Side Stretching

This pose helps in increasing your heart rate which burns calories at a faster rate and helps in reducing excess fat from your sides or hips. Start by standing on floor. Stand straight, keep your hands besides your body. Your palms will face down. Now, lift your hands upwards and start stretching them. Bend to your right and then stretch your right hand to the right side over your head. You should repeat this on the left side also.
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Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is a good way to get rid of all extra fat which gets accumulated in the tummy, especially in women. Start by kneeling down on floor as you sit on your heels. Your hands should be on floor. Keep your fingers pointed towards your body.

Your thumb has to point outwards. Keep your palms pressed against the ground. Your elbows should be pressed in a way that they press against the belly. You have to straighten your legs and then stretch. Lift slowly upwards, on your legs and hands. Your legs and body will be parallel to floor. Relax.

Revolved Side Angle Pose

Your right foot has to be lifted into the air. Step a bit forward between your hands. Your left heel will be up. Bend the right knee. Now, sweep your arms overhead to the crescent lunge. You should square your hips to front and then gently lift away from thighs. Keep your hands in a prayer position.

It should be at your chest. Now, lift your belly up and inwards.
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Twist your belly to right. Your left elbow will be crossing over the right leg. You need to twist your torso a bit towards the right. Hold at least 8 full breaths. Inhale and release your arms overhead. This pose helps in reducing belly fat, tones your arms and abdomen and helps in overall weight loss from body.

Seated Forward Bend

This is the best power yoga pose for weight loss, especially helpful in reducing belly fit. Sit on the floor, keep your back straight. Spread out your legs in front. Exhale and then bend your body in the front from waist. You should aim to touch your toes with hands. Your forehead should be comfortably rested on the side of calf muscles or on your knees.

You should remain stead for sometime and relax.

If you are doing Power Yoga for the first time, you need to do it under the able supervision of an expert so that you do not hurt or injure yourself and do all postures correctly. Do not rush through the poses, try to be consistent and maintain a healthy balanced diet.


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