7 Reasons why Sweating Is Good For Your Body And Keeps You Healthy

Reasons why Sweating Is Good

We all dread at the idea of being sweaty, or reaching at a party or a function clogged in perspiration. We complaint of the odor it generates, and also the market seems to be full of antiperspirants which are deodorants or chemicals that actually help to control the sweating. We often associate sweating with being tired and needing a shower. However, the truth may be far from different, and there are scientifically proven ways by which sweating is actually good for you and your body. And it actually helps to keep you healthy!

Here Are Some Reasons why Sweating Is Good For Health

Maintains The Body Temperature

Humans are warm blooded, that is, we maintain our body temperature independent of any climatic conditions. For example, we tend to sweat during exercise. This is because exercise being a rigorous physical activity, generates a lot of heat in the body. By sweating, the body actually helps to cool off, and thus maintain the internal temperature and prevent the body from getting all heated up or feeling burnt out.

Increases Core Body Temperature

Keeps The Skin Pores Clean

Sweat is released through the pores on the skin. With the recent times and increasing pollution and dust, the skin pores tend to become clogged. This can cause serious infections and even conditions such as acne and pimples. When the sweat releases, it also dislodges the dirt or other germs that may be hiding in the skin pores, thus helping to clean them up. Consequence – fresh and beautiful skin!

Keeps The Skin Pores Clean

Helps To Detoxify The Body

The sweat released is not just plain salt and water, but also contains oxidants. These oxidants are naturally produced in the body during all normal activities, and are responsible for various damaging and ill effects on almost all the body tissues. By getting rid of these toxins through your sweat, you are surely doing your body a favor. Ever wondered why people who exercise regularly look all young? This is because the oxidants are responsible for premature ageing, and by getting rid of them, you make sure that something that contributes in making you look older is eliminated.


Helps To Reduce The Chances Of Kidney Stones

The body always tries to maintain the normal fluid electrolyte balance. When we sweat, we lose water, and this also helps to lose up excessive salts. This helps to reduce the chances of kidney or other internal organ stones, which are basically nothing but calcium or excessive minerals’ deposits in the body. A direct natural effect on these excessive salts, without any side effects, as seen when we ingest heavy chemical drugs, certainly goes a long way.

Kidney Health

Helps To Control The Mood Swings

Sweating helps to maintain the body temperature as mentioned above. The areas in the brain that influence the mood are also thermal sensitive in nature, and tend to relax when the temperature is cooler. Guess now you know why you feel so clam and relaxed after a good warm up and workout in the gym.

Helps To Control The Mood Swings

Helps To Ease The Pain

With sweating and reduction of body temperature, the body also releases higher amounts of its feel good endorphins, which not only help to increase the good happy feeling, but also help control the pain. Thus, exercising moderately and the right way even when in pain can help induce sweating and ease the discomfort, and hence physiotherapy for painful back and body aches is gaining more popularity in the recent times.

Attend To Pains

Helps You To Lose Weight

Sweating helps you lose weight in two ways, directly and indirectly. As mentioned earlier, sweating eliminates the harmful oxidants from the body. These oxidants are naturally stored in the body in fatty cells, hence when they are expelled, the fat cells burst as well, and are easily burnt out. Thus, sweating has a direct impact on weight loss. Secondly, in an indirect fashion, it helps to get rid of excessive salts from the body, which in turn are responsible for water retention. Excessive water retention is one of the known causes of being overweight, and hence there is importance given to low sodium salts in recent times for effective weight control. Further, as sweating also helps to maintain the body temperature, it really helps you to stay cool, and hence you can continue your workout for a longer period of time, thus helping you lose weight more efficiently.

Lose Weight

So while we feel that sweat may stink, there are many reasons why it is good for your health. So next time, when you hit the mall, say no to antiperspirants, and look for better ways to mask body odor than blocking the sweat altogether. Sweating is actually good for you in numerous ways, and hope you now realize the worth of this valuable sweat!