7 Rope Yoga Postures That Promote Flexibility And Wellness

Yoga is an effective exercise that promotes healthy living. Different forms of yoga have been practiced these days and one among them is rope yoga. It is nothing but performing yoga poses using a yoga rope for better support and stretching. A few postures that are practiced using yoga rope are listed below.

Rope Yoga

Rope Pulling

Sit down and keep your legs straight and hands on femur. Raise one of your hands up and inhale. Hold your arm firm and straight.

While your exhale, bring the arm down toward your knees. Loosen up your arm and repeat the same with your other arm. Do this at least 5 times with both the arms. This asana makes the rams stronger and improves mobility.

Upper Abdominal Exercise

Lie down straight on your back and bring your hands straight down until it touches the floor. The hand should not be bent. At the same time, lift your legs up, straight till it reaches 90 degree position. Hold this position for a minute and relax. Repeat this several times. This will work out the upper abdominal muscles, arms and legs.

Lower Abdominal Exercise

Lie down straight on the floor similar to upper abdominal exercise position and fold your knees. Place your knees near your chest and return to original position. Repeat this as many times as you can. This exercise will increase blood circulation to legs and work out the muscles in the upper and lower abdomen.

Yoga Kurunta

In this yoga practice, the rope used looks a lot like those used in puppet shows. Various asanas are performed using them. The ropes assist in holding right posture and support the body while performing asanas.

They help stretch the body maximum and add fun to yoga.

Walking Exercise

Position yourself on the floor and raise your right leg and the left hand straight upwards. Then, bring them down and raise your left leg and right hand up. Do this fast rhythmically, as if you are walking on a road.  This will improve the lung power and exercise the whole body.

Cycling Exercise

Lie down on your back on the ground and start cycling your legs. Remember you should not touch the floor with your legs while doing this exercise. Do this for at least 5 minutes for better results. This exercise improves blood circulation, memory and tones the muscles below the hip.

Hip Exercise

Turn to your side on the floor and support your head using your palm. Place the other hand on the front and observe your legs. Raise your leg up and bring it down to touch the floor. Do this for 5 minutes and repeat the same on the other side. This will help workout your hip muscles and legs.


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