7 Training Tips To Improve Workout Intensity For Bodybuilders For Better Fitness

7 Training Tips To Improve

Improving your workout intensity is a way to make the most of your fitness routine. Time and again, you need to find ways which will help in building your workout intensity, so that you are able to achieve greater fitness levels with the time you spend on working out.

Professional trainers often make an assessment and suggest ways to improve the workout intensity, which will help in increasing the effectiveness of workouts. In case, you are looking for some extra tips or in spite of putting in a lot of efforts, you are still not able to see results, these tips will definitely help you.
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Here Are 7 Training Tips To Improve Workout Intensity For Bodybuilders For Better Fitness

1. Use A Stopwatch

Workouts suffer mainly because of lack of attention, chit-chats or time spent in drinking water or relaxing in between. Research suggests, that those who keep a track of time during workouts or those who use a stopwatch, are able to make the most of their exercises. You will be able to keep track of your resting time, your chit-chat time and time spent in relaxing. A stopwatch is the best way to keep a track of resting and workout time. This helps in improving fat burning while working out on the lean muscles.

Use A Stopwatch

2. Train One Side At A Time

Most of us tend to favor our dominant side the most and ignore the other side or focus less on the other side. Try to consciously avoid this. You need to train one side at a time. You need to workout in a way, which will force your one leg or arm to work out independently. This helps in improving your balance and muscular movement. This also helps in equalizing strength. You should ideally work towards doing sets of each 10 repetitions for one side. This will help in improving your workout intensity and achieving your fitness goals.

Train One Side At A Time

3. Cardio And Strength Training

Experts believe that cardio workouts and strength training exercises shouldn’t be treated as separate exercises. To derive maximum benefits from your workouts, you need to have a good balance of both the exercises. You can do jumping ropes, take¬† 20 seconds break and do sprints, which will add power to your metabolism and also help in building strength.

Cardio And Strength Training

4. Use Foam Rollers

Foam rollers must be regularly used as they help in stopping muscle knots. Thus, those who are trying to improve their workout intensity and would like to train uninterruptedly for many hours, can try using foam rollers. With the use of foam rollers, you can easily prevent knots and reduce the chances of injuries and sprains which can cause interruption to your fitness schedule. You need to just lay the specific body part on the log and use it to workout your calves, hamstrings, quads or any muscles. You can comfortably roll till you are able to get into a tender spot. You can move forwards and backward in the specific area for some minutes.
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Repeating foam roller workouts on an everyday basis will help in improving your workout.

Use Foam Rollers

5. 60 Seconds Exercise

Experts now suggest that slogging for hours at the gym doesn’t always help. As per a new evidence, if you exercise for 60 seconds at a marathon speed, it will help in improving your heart rate in a maximum way.

You can follow this by 60 seconds of recovery, which is highly effective in improving the workout level. You can repeat the exercise at least 10 times. Your total time spend can be 20 minutes which is really effective in improving your fitness level in little time. You can also include a set of fast sprints in your regular bike ride, walk or run.

60 Seconds Exercise

6. Keep Adding Resistance

Always prepare yourself for something heavy or keep surprising and challenging your body. Research has revealed that those who lifted a heavy weight for 7-8 repetitions are known to have burned much more calories when compared to those who did more repetitions but with lighter weights. Thus, as a rule of thumb, it is good to keep adding weight for any exercise till it is almost impossible to do the final repetition. Resistance training is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your workout in a better way.

Keep Adding Resistance

7. Stay Hydrated

Muscles need to stay hydrated for their growth and health. If you are involved in some strenuous workout, you should have plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Lack of water will bring fatigue, strain and muscle dehydration which will not help you improve your workout or take up new challenges. Drink fresh fruit juices and plenty of water throughout the day as a part of your nutrition.

Stay Hydrated