7 Treadmill Mistakes To Avoid

Treadmill offers some highly satisfying workout sessions for many, but most often it is done all wrong! Many times, people are not even aware about the mistakes they make as they spend hours working-out on the treadmill. If you are quite addicted to treadmill and trying hard to lose fat, here are some of the common treadmill mistakes which you need to avoid to be successful.

7 Common Treadmill Mistakes

Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Are you wearing the right treadmill shoes? It’s important to select function and not style when selecting your gym footwear. Select shoes which have extra padding so that the heels are well protected. Your foot bones need protection too when you are running or walking fast.
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If there use higher soled shoes, it helps in increasing the risk of turning over an ankle.

Not Working Hard

You are not ‘done’ when you just ‘get on’ the treadmill. You need to push really hard so that your heart rate shoots up. Until you work on high intensity, it is of no good; casual walking does not help. Faster speed is needed along with high incline.
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Recent statistics suggest, just 90% treadmill users do not use an incline.

Arms Not In The Right Place

Most people swing their arms or simply criss-cross them as they walk. Energy gets burnt and your working out stamina and energy reduces. This exhausts the person very quickly. It’s important to keep the arms by the side till one gets on to higher speeds. Once it is jogging speed, the arms need to be parallel and bent at 90 degree angle. This helps in rotating the torso.

Hunching Forward

Leaning too much on one direction does not help. The body starts getting comfortable which is not good. Hunching forward can cause anterior tilt and there can be loss of balance too. You might experience back pain also. It’s very important to have an upright straight posture that engages many core muscles too.

Sticking To A Routine

If you are following the same routine day after day, your body will start getting used to it. Thus, after some days you will be losing lesser calories even after spending the same time in the gym. Keep changing your routine every four weeks. Regular changes do not make the body comfortable, it prevents all muscle and joint strains due to repetitive stress of pushing and pulling the same muscles every time. Moreover, you are simply wasting your time in the gym as your body slows down responding.

Dramatically Increasing Incline Or Speed

You need to keep changing the incline level and speed regularly but this does not mean you will have to quickly raise the incline one day or your speed all of a sudden as you wish. You have to increment one at a time and slowly. However, you should remember that you need to keep changing before your body starts to adapt the changes. There are many treadmills which allow the user to change speeds at once; be careful, as you will go off balance and injure yourself.

Changing The Stride

Treadmill moving belt is really tricky! Beginners are especially scared of falling off. Thus, in their fear they start walking or running very close to the front area. This means short strides. Remember these short and choppy steps are not going to help you lose weight.Are you making any of these mistakes? If yes, its never late to change. Just bring a few changes and you will notice the difference it brings. You will simply love your treadmill routine.


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