7 Trunk Muscle Strengthening And Stability Exercises For Beginners

7 Trunk Muscle Strengthening And Stability Exercises For Beginners
Trunk muscles are undoubtedly one of the most important muscles of the body which need immense focus along with the arms and leg muscles. You need to include a few trunk muscle strengthening exercises in your daily routine, which will help in building power and flexibility for these muscles. If you are able to strengthen these muscles, you will be able to achieve core stability. Beginners need to include at least three such trunk muscle strengthening exercises, which will help in building endurance, stamina, and energy at the same time. These exercises are not too difficult and can be done by anyone who is interested in some serious workouts.

Here Are 7 Trunk Muscle Strengthening And Stability Exercises For Beginners:

1. Bent Over Fly:

This workout helps in getting strong and powerful trunk muscles. You need to start by holding at least two, five-pound weight. You will lean a bit forward as your feet is at least hip distance apart. Your knees shall be flexible and your arms straight. Your palm shall face little inward. Now, raise your arms at your sides. You can squeeze your shoulder blades when you are at top of motion. You can Get back to the start position.

You need to do at least 15 repetitions. Remember to keep your body still and not shaking throughout the workout.
Bent Over Fly

2. Bird Dog Crunch:

This is an excellent exercise for the trunk muscles and targets the abdominal muscles specifically. You need to know that you will not be able to develop strong trunk muscles overnight but will take time.

To start the workout, you need to be on the floor, on your all fours. Your hands will be placed just below your shoulders. Your hips shall be in a line with the knees. This shall be your start position. Now, you need to lift the right hand and then extend the arm straight and keep it in front of you. You need to keep your arms, at the height of your shoulders.

As you will simultaneously lift the left leg and extend it right back, as you keep it at your shoulder height. In this crunch, your body stays in a straight line. You will slowly move the left leg so that it touches the right elbow which is just under the stomach. You can extend the leg and your arm again. Get back to the start position. You can repeat the workout again. You need to do at least 5 repetitions.
Bird Dog Crunch

3. Oblique Reach:

This is a simple exercise which helps in stabilizing and strengthening the trunk muscles. It is especially suitable for those who are starting to workout. You need to start the workout by sitting as you keep the knees bent. Your feet shall be on the floor. Now, slowly straighten your right leg. You will slowly roll your spine and make a C-like curve. You will place your left hand just behind your head. You can then again extend the right arm. You will slowly twist your body to your left. You need to roll a little bit back and then count one. You can move up once again. You need to count five and then again switch sides.
Oblique Reach

4. Superman Pose:

Start this workout by lying down in a comfortable position, as you keep your face down. You will slowly raise an arm from the ground. Hold on this position for at least 20 seconds. You can then release and slowly raise the other arm. You will again move your legs. Remember to move a leg at a time from the ground. You need to make an effort and hold an alternate leg at a time. You will again try and have both your arms up, one at a time. You can slowly lift both your legs at a time after some time. Those who find this movement quite simple can make the workout a bit challenging. They can try and hold both their legs and arms together up from the ground. This is why this exercise is known as the Superman pose. You need to hold on to any of these poses for at least 20 seconds. You can then relax and then repeat.
Superman Pose

5. Circle Plank:

To do this exercise, you need to start working out in a plank position. You need to keep your abs tight. You will slowly pull the right knee inwards and make a circle in a clockwise direction. Once done, you will again move it in an anti-clock direction. Your body has to be comfortable and stationary. You need to repeat at least 5 times. You will switch legs and then repeat again.
Circle Plank

6. Knee Fold Tuck:

You need to start the workout by sitting tall and comfortable. Your hands shall be on the floor and relaxed. Your knees shall be bent. You will squeeze one medical ball just between your legs. Now, slowly lift the knees which will make the shins parallel to the ground. You can again extend your arms. You will slowly pull your knees close to the shoulders. Your upper body has to be still. You need to bring your knees back to the start position. You need to repeat at least 15 or 20 times as per your comfort level.
Knee Fold Tuck

7. Bicycle Crunches Standing:

This is often said to be a killer trunk workout as it is extremely effective. It targets all the trunk muscles and the rotational muscles well. Traditional crunches can at times be a little uncomfortable to beginners. This crunch will not only be simpler but will also help in getting double the benefit. You need to stand in a comfortable position, as you keep your feet, a little distance apart. Your hands shall be placed just behind the head. You will need to keep your core muscles tight. They shall be straight but in a relaxed position. Your shoulders shall also be relaxed. You will move up your right leg and again raise the right knee. You will lower the left elbow and move them towards each other. You can get back to the start position. You need to repeat on your opposite side. You need to repeat at least five times on every side.
Bicycle Crunches Standing