7 Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercise


Many people escape from doing exercises. If you want to achieve something you need to put lots of hard work and pains. For many people when it comes to shedding weight the images of heavy duty exercise comes in the mind.

If I tell you need not do any exercise and adopt some simple ways in your daily routine to burn calories easily and effortlessly, would you believe? It sounds astonishing but it is true!! In this article we will tell you seven ways where you can burn calories without exercise.

Here Are The List Of  Ways To Burn Calories Without Exercise

Choose To Walk

Many times we must have observed even to cover ten minute distance we would prefer going on our bike or taking the support of local transport. It has become our habit. Just a little change is required. Instead of relying on a vehicle to go to a nearby place lets your feet do it for you!! Take some pain and walk to that distance. It will be difficult at first but you are definitely going to burn calories than just sitting on a vehicle. You will feel more independent and your legs too will become strong. Forty minutes’ walk can burn close to two hundred calories.


Climb Stairs

Many people have this habit they like to save time and most importantly energy. People have started choosing options which do not require effort. Don’t rely on other means for all your works. Climbing stairs is very good for your body and helps you burn lots of calories. For every stair you climb you are going to burn ten calories. So from now choose to climb stairs than taking lift.

Climbing Stairs

Try The Magic Of Dance

Dancing is a full body exercise which not just involves the movement of the muscles of entire body but also secretes hormones which makes you happy and energetic. Thirty minutes of dancing session can help you burn close to 150 calories easily. If your favourite dance song is played then you would find effortless burning of your calories and in the most enjoyable way. Well who knows this habit can also bring about a good dancer in you few years down the line!!


Do The House Chores Yourself

If you are the one who has employed a house cleaning person to do all the house chores for you then it is the time to do it all by yourself!! All the house hold works like washing clothes and utensils, watering plants, cleaning the floor and dusting furniture etc. when done regularly help you burn lots of calories without knowing about it.


Drink Cold Water

Drinking cold water help you burn lots of calories in day. The science behind drinking cold water for fat reduction is when you drink anything lower than the room temperature then body uses large amount of energy to warm it up.

One glass of cold water burns nearly 25 calories in your body. So by drinking an average of 8 glasses of cold water daily, you can easily burn 200 calories.

Drink Water

Walk And Talk

A lot of people spend hours talking to their friends and relatives over the phone. Your enjoyment can be made healthy and fat burning activity if you walk as you talk on the phone. Say if you talk for an hour in a day and keep walking simultaneously then not only you would get the benefits of fresh air outside but would also burn 200 calories. So keep talking and stay connected to your close ones!!


Laugh Out Loud

Laughing is a good exercise for your body which also keep a dozen of diseases away from your body. Indulge in ten to fifteen minutes of giggles and laughter daily to burn nearly forty calories every day. This will give you happiness as well as fit body.


It is a common belief that there is no shortcut to anything. But when it comes to burning those extra calories then it might be the other way round. It is not necessary to hit the gym but can be done by introducing few easy changes in your lifestyle which will pay you for your whole life!!