7 Ways To Maximize Your Workout And Lose Weight

You are sweating out long in the gym but not seeing results? Something is definitely wrong with your workout schedule. You need to improve your workout, bring in some changes so that you can maximize your workout and benefit the most. Here are some of the things you can do to maximize the hours and lose the maximum weight and fitness level as you workout.
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Tips To Improve Workout:

Alternate Muscle Group Work-out

When you are working on your muscles, do not focus on a muscle at a time. You have to strategically workout different muscle groups at different times. This technique is also referred as cross training and helps in improving workout quality and make your sessions more effective. For example, as you are done with lunges, move with overhead presses and again get back to box jumps or squats. This will maximize your training sessions.

Keep Changing Intensities

Do not use the same intensity everyday because this will not help your body. It will start getting used to it and you will no longer benefit from your workouts. You have to fluctuate intensities to make workouts more challenging for your body. The more work your body gets to do, the more fuel it will need and burn in the form of calories. Thus keep alternating fast and slow paced workout sessions to keep surprising your body.

Avoid Heavy Training For Long

If you are into heavy training, do not do it for long duration. Just 4-5 repetitions will be sufficient for mass building and strength when you are doing this along with some light training where you will do at least 8 – 12 repetitions. If you workout too long, it might be detrimental to muscle growth and though you will workout for long, you will not be able to see adequate results.

Aerobics For Metabolism

We all know that aerobics burns the most calories. Never miss out your aerobics routine as it not just burns excess calories but it also boosts metabolism, which means you continue to burn calories even after you have stopped working out.

Remember to alternate cardio – you can do one minute of intense cardio and then again continue with another four minutes of steady-state cardio and get back to another one minute of intense cardio. This is definitely going to be beneficial for your body.

Include at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday to keep your metabolism high.

Use Wrist Straps

Research has revealed that wrist straps are effective for pulling exercises. Trained bodybuilders are known to do back workouts with wrist straps which makes the workouts more effective. Do adequate number of sets.

Core Training

Do not neglect core training and include it in your everyday training session. Try and engage your core muscles in every exercise possible. Try movements which will squeeze your core.
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Remember you will always burn more calories when you choose to workout larger muscle groups like back and abs. Involve plank twists or rotation movements which will help in working out your muscles.

Diet Care

The effectiveness of your workout depends on your diet too. You need to avoid any type of high fat meal before you start working out. High fat meals dilate the blood vessels for at least four hours which imply slow blood flow to your muscles.

Do not have any fats before and after your workout, especially when you are trying to gain muscle mass.


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