8 Advantages Of Consuming Matcha Green Tea During Workouts

Advantages Of Consuming Matcha Green Tea During Workouts

If you haven’t started the consumption of Matcha Green Tea, then you are quite behind of the time. It is effective at enhancing the metabolism, reducing the level of stress and in boosting the immune system.

The Buddhist monk used to drink it in order to remain attentive and tranquil during the process of meditation. It has been heard that the Japanese tea leaves are grown basically in the shade in order to escalate the chlorophyll content. The health enthusiasts are mostly concerned regarding the antioxidant properties in the tea. 1 cup of matcha green tea is equal to 10 glasses of regular tea. This article shall aim at demonstrating 8 benefits of Matcha green tea for the body builders.

These Are Advantages Of Consuming Matcha Green Tea During Workouts

Preventing From Cancer

Green Tea comprises of effective antioxidants named as catechins. It is also said that EGCG that is also present is green tea is strong anti-carcinogen. According to the study conducted in University of Colorado, it has been known that by consuming 1 cup of matcha green tea, you can get 137 times the quantity of antioxidant ECGC in relation to regular cup of green tea.

Reduces Cancer Risk


Owing to the consumption of the Matcha green tea, the people of Okinawa, Japan live the longest. The other attributes that might as well contribute to the longevity are healthy food habits, regular exercise and yoga. Although, Matcha green tea is quite well known in Japan but with the pace of time it is becoming well known all over the world because of its capability to fight inflammation, oxidation as well as aging related issues.
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Lowers LDL “Bad” Cholesterol

Management of green tea beverages can minimize serum total cholesterol along with LDL cholesterol concentration. It is because of the huge power of the matcha green tea to improve the body, people tend to consume it more.



Matcha green tea leaves has huge amount of easily-absorbable dietary fiber that can actually ease constipation and balance the level of sugar in the blood.

Helps In Getting Relief From Constipation


Owing to the fact that Matcha green tea is produced in shade, it has huge amount of chlorophyll. It is said that chlorophyll can detoxify the body and can cleanse the toxins, poisons, hormone disrupters entirely.


Mind Enhancer

Matcha green tea comprises of huge amount of L-theanine which is basically an amino acids. It has the capability to provoke alpha wave activity inside the brain.
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When a person is suffering from any kind of stress, then beta wave activity is induced inside the brain that can actually worsen the state. Hence, alpha wave activity can assist in minimizing the level of stress and offer great relaxation to the mind and body thereby minimizing the level of blood pressure from the body.
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Maintain Healthy State of Mind

Energy Booster

Just try to have a cup of matcha green tea and you are free from any kind of headaches now. After stressful and tiresome day, all you need is a cup of matcha tea which is the best substitute of coffee.

Boosts Energy

Weight Loss

According to the study conducted in 1999 featured in American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, it has been stated that green tea comprises of catechins which has thermogenic properties. Green tea promotes fat oxidation. In a survey, it has been noted that after having green tea, the body rate of burning calories increased from 8-10% to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure. In case you exercise immediately after having matcha green tea then you can burn 25% more of fats.

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