8 Amazing Isometric Exercises For Lower Body

No matter how much cardio you do for losing the fat on your lower body, it is also essential to do some lower bod isometric exercises that are great for toning. What will happen other wise is that you will not get the defined shape and strength in your lower body. The cellulite would be there and though the fat is less your legs would still appear as wobbly and unshapely.

8 Amazing Isometric Exercises For Lower Body

1. Lunge Pulse And Hold

For this exercise, stand straight and then bring right knee forward – bending gradually from the right knee on front and left knee at the back. Make sure that knees don’t cross your toes. Now go down as deep as you can, keeping spine straight and hands on the waist. Now gently lift knee about 1 inch up from your static hold and go down again.
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Remember don’t lift completely but just keep pulsing for 30 seconds. Repeat on other leg.

Lunge Pulse And Hold

2. One Leg Squat

Standing straight, gradually bend down to a squat position or chair pose. Now tap your right toe slightly on the ground and let the pressure be on the left leg. Both arms should be raised in the air.

If possible, try to lift right toe off the ground and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on other leg.

One Leg Squat

3. Chair Pose Crossover

For this posture, you have to again get down to a chair pose on one leg. First strand straight and place right heel on your left thigh. Your ankle should be resting on left thigh. Now gently go down into a deep squat and keep both hands folded in front of you.

Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on other leg.

4. Knee Lunge To Warrior

This is an exercise that really tones and shapes your lower body including you things, butts and inner thighs too. Stand straight again and get into a lunge with right leg forward. Now gently stand up from lunge and extend both hands forward and take the right leg back straight to form warrior pose. Hold for 5-10 seconds and get back to lunge and repeat. Do twice on both sides.

Knee Lunge To Warrior

5. Fire Hydrants

This is an isometric pose that really works on the entire butts and thighs. Get down on the floor on all floors with palms and knees supporting your weight. Now lift the right knee off the floor, keeping legs bent and extend it outwards to the right side. Take it high enough for right inner thigh to be parallel to the floor. Do 20-30 times and then repeat on the other leg.
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Fire Hydrants

6. Hamstring Curls

On these all floors, whilst on the mat, now raise your right heel into the air. Left leg and hands should be firmly on the ground. Now bring the right knee and heel down, but without touching the floor. Take it back up into the air and do this for about 20-30 times.

Hamstring Curls

7. Plank Leg Raises

For this posture, get to the basic side plank. So you can keep right elbow firmed on the ground and lift the entire body sideways, supporting your weight on right foot and elbow. Gently lift left leg into the air. Do 20-30 reps and repeat on other side again.

Plank Leg Raises

8. Cross Over Inner Thigh Raise

Keeping your weight on the right elbow, bring yourself slightly up so that your waist is off the floor but the hip and lower body is resting. Now cross over left leg over the right right one and place heel firmly on the ground. Now raise your right leg as high as you can, while the left leg, remains static. Do a count of 30-40 and repeat on the other side.
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Cross Over Inner Thigh Raise