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8 Best Exercises For Hips And Abs

Have you been searching the web for the best exercises that will burn the belly fat and give you toned hips and abs. Well, this is the right place for getting the complete guide to the exercises that will help you to get the correct figure. Here, I have provided some exercises for the hips and abs that will help you to get rid of the lower belly pooch.

Do These Exercises In The Prescribed Number Of Sets And Add These To Your Regular Exercise Regime

90 Degree Static Press

Lie down on the mat with your face upwards and knees and hips bent at 90 degrees. Stretch the arms and press the palms on top of the thighs. Inhale and as you exhale press the abs inside, raise yourself up by pushing the thighs into the hands. Hold this pose for a minute and release. Do this for 3 sets in 10 repetitions.

You can also lift the head and shoulders up while exhaling as you press the thighs and palms together.


Sit with bent knees and feet flat on the ground. Keep the palms flat on the mat and lean back and prop the body up by resting them on the elbows. Tighten the abs and lift the legs in a 90 degree angle with the toes pointed.

Keep the hips on the ground and and bring the legs to the left. Now lower the legs maintaining the 90 degree angle and bring the legs to the right. Do this pose as if you are tracing a ‘U’ with the knees. You can also extend the legs further by tracing a bigger ‘U’ with the knees. Do this for at least 20 times.

Elbow Plank

With the hands clasped, bring yourself in the plank position with legs slightly stretched wider than the hips. Lift the hips up slightly and try bringing the left foot towards the hands. Do this with the right leg also and alternately with each leg. To come back to the original plank position, slowly inch out backwards. Take larger steps in to raise the hips higher. Do this in a 5 to 10 set with 10 reps in each.

Frog Press

Lie with the face upwards, knees bent, feet flexed and heels pressed together. Inhale as you lift the head and shoulders off the floor by curling up at the rib cage.

Keep the arms stretched out away from the body and palms facing down. Now exhale and press out through the heels and keep the legs at a 45 degree angle. Inhale and bend the knees towards the body. Do this for 10 reps in 5 sets.

Push Up With Bench

Stand facing a flat bench. ( For this exercise I would recommend a bench meant only for doing exercises)Keep the abs tight, palms at shoulder width distance and make yourself in the push up position. Now bend the elbows at a 90 degree angle by lowering the chest towards the bench. While in this position, count 5 and then push yourself up in the original push up position.

Step-Up On A Bench

Stand next to the bench sideways with light or medium weight dumbbells in each hand. Make your right foot step up on the middle of the bench and the left leg lifted to the sides and stay in this pose by counting 5. Now, step down with the left foot and tap the right foot as well. Again, repeat the same with the right foot for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

Row To Rear Fly

Make the bench inclined at a 45 degree angle. Place the chest on the bench with knees slightly bent. Hold light or medium weight dumbbells on each hand with elbows slightly bent and palms in with elbows slightly bent and palms in. Keep the arms close to the side of your body, bend the elbows and pull the weights towards the body. Repeat this by counting 10. Now from starting position, lift the weights to the sides of the body keeping the arms at chest level. Lower and repeat for 10 times.

Bridge Pose

Lie on your back on a yoga mat. Keep the feet flat on the ground at hip width and arms by the side. Lift the glutes off the floor by pushing the heels. Maintain a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. As you are in this pose, squeeze the glutes and abs and hold this for 4 seconds and then come back to the floor. You can also raise your one knee to the chest or stretch it out completely and then lift the glutes.

I hope these exercises will certainly come to your aid for getting that perfect fat free abs and hips. Do these exercises regularly and get awesome results for the body in a month.


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