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8 Cardio Exercises For Winter

Hitting the gym early in the winter morning is really tough! No one feels like getting up early when it is still dark outside or hitting the gym after sunset when the chill starts setting in wildly. So, how does one workout during winter? Well – there are many effective cardio exercises which help in staying fit and in shape, as you workout indoors.
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Check out some of the best and effective fat burning workouts.

Cardio Exercises For Winter

Dodge Balls

They are a fun way to exercise and if you feel bored working out alone at home, just call in some of your friends. Dodge balls offers a great cardio workout which helps in moving in all places as you simply move around your opponent. You need a few vigorous games and you are done for the day. Burn some extra calories while having fun with your friends.

On Spot Jumping

A great cardio workout which can be done anytime and anywhere. Just find a spacious area and start jumping on the spot. Remember to wear the right kind of shoes or you might just hurt yourself. Start with jumping for a minute, take a break and jump another minute and so on. Continue this for ten minutes or you can keep changing the intensity as per your comfort level and ability.


Dancing is always considered to be a great form of cardio workout. If you try out the ballet inspired moves and mix in some weight training, pilates or yoga you will be able to effective train and strengthen all your muscles while keeping away fat. It is real challenging for guys ( who tend to feel shy to dance as workout) who find some of the moves really tough and hard on their bodies. Just 60 minutes of cardio will offer you full body workout.

Resistance Training

You do not need to move out for this workout during the chilly winter days. Resistance training helps improving your endurance and strengthening your body. Squat to overhead press is one exercise which works well for your butt muscles, shoulders abs, hamstrings and quadriceps. Start by keeping your feet apart, preferably they should be shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows bent. You will need a 5 pound weight in your hand and kept them at your shoulder height. Keep your palms forward. Now, you need to slowly lower down to a squatting position and stay in this position for a minute. Now, you can slowly push through your heels and stand.
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You will be pressing weight just overhead. Get back to the starting position.

You should do at least three sets of this exercise.

Side Lunges

Stand by holding around 6-8 pound dumbbells. You will then step your right leg out to your side and bend your knees to make a 90 degree angle. Your hands will be reaching down on the sides of the right foot. You will then push off your right foot and get back to standing position, as you keep your right foot just in front of your left foot. Your arms shall be sweeping up and your palms shall face in. You can repeat this on your left side as you step your right foot behind while you get back to center. This will be 1 repetitions. You need to do at least 20 repetitions and then switch legs and repeat again.


Kickboxing is a special muscle sculpting exercise which involves certain martial arts steps. This is a full body workout which works well on your butt, thighs, abs, shoulders and arms. This offers great flexibility training and is a good combination of karate style kicking along with some boxing lunches.

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout which can be done indoors and is a combination of lower body and upper body workout. Kickboxing will teach you the skills of punching, all the while helping you to stay in shape.

Indoor Rock Climbing

You just need a wall for this workout. You will be exercising not just your whole body but your mental strength too – what if the arms and legs do not coordinate well? Scaling indoor walls helps in increasing heart rate and can burn as much as 300 calories in just 30 minutes. It works on the arm muscles, leg muscles, shoulders and back.

Triceps With A Difference

Lie down on your back. Keep your knees bend. You will need an 8 pound dumbbell in your right hand. This will be lifted in order to keep the weight just above your shoulders. Your knees will slowly fall left as you will bend your right elbow so that the weight slowly touches the ground. You will now straighten your right arm as you slowly lift up your shoulder, head, legs and hips. This exercise has to be done at least 24 times before you switch your sides.


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