8 Cross Over Step Exercises For Toning Thighs

Cross over exercises are those, which require you to make your legs cross each other – when it comes to the thighs and legs. In doing so, you exert a little extra pressure on this area and also tone up the same.

These crossover exercises for the thighs include using the stepper, which means you are able to exert some movement here and get the dual benefit of toning and cardio together-

Basic Step Cross Over

This is a cross over that requires little effort and you have to just cross your left leg gently in front of the right one, as you climb on the step. Take your left foot first and then cross the right leg across without being too high and then step down. Repeat on other leg and do for 2-3 minutes.

High Kick Cross Over

This is a fun one for losing those stretch marks and cellulite deposits. Doing this one, you can also use a dumbbell to make the exercise more intense. For this, climb on the stepper with your left leg first. As you climb up, you should cross the right leg over the left thigh into a high kick. Right leg should be straight and extended. Then step down. Do the same with the other leg. If using a dumbbell, you can either raise or keep hands on side. This sure works on toning the thighs.

Side Kick Cross Over

For this exercise, you have to take the side kick to another extreme. Here you have to stand on the stepper with the left leg first, then extend the right leg to the right side. Now instead of stepping down completely, you should cross the right leg over the left thigh, before extending it out again. This cross over surely works on the muscles of the outer and inner thighs together.

Cross Over High Knees

If you want to lose some thighs along with getting your upper body toned up too, you can try out this one. For this, you have to get on the stepper with your left leg first and then bring the right knee up and cross it over to the leg to touch the left breast. Repeat this on the other leg too and go as fast as you can to intensify the cardio move.

Donkey Kick Cross Over

This one makes use of the thigh muscles, butts and also tones the front. For this, get into a cross-over high knee position using the right knee. Instead of coming down, extend the raised right knee completely towards the back like in a donkey kick. Cross the right leg over the left one and hold for a second. Do this with the left leg too.

Twist Cross Overs

For the twist cross overs, you have to get on top of the stepper and tap the right leg, while the left one remains flat, now twist the entire body towards the right. Repeat on the left and twist towards the left side.

Criss Cross

On the stepper, lie down and extend both legs forward. Now in a criss cross motion, raise both the legs as high as you can – gradually going up and then coming down. It works on the thighs along with the stomach muscles.

Cross Over Taps

Add a twist to your basic step, you can simply cross the left leg over the right one and tap it with your heel on the stepper. Repeat with other leg and use dumbbells to intensify the move.


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