8 Effectual Bridge Exercises Along With Their Benefits


Bridge workout is a full body workout which exercises your lower body, back, shoulders, triceps, arms, neck and abdomen muscles in an effective way. It is one such beneficial and effective workout schedule that comprises of exercises that works on all the parts of the body.

In This Article We Will Tell You About Eight Effective Bridge Exercises And Their Benefits

Hip Bridge

This is an amazing bridge exercise that targets and strengthens your lower body especially hip muscles and hamstrings. To do this exercise one has to lie on the back keeping both the hands on respective sides.
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Bend your knees and feet should touch the ground completely.
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Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly raise your butt along with chest above the ground. Be in this position for some time and come to starting position.

Hip Bridge

Glute Bridge March

As the name suggests, this is another beneficial move which is highly beneficial for the buttocks, thighs and glutes. Lie with your back touching the ground. Now bend the knees. Expand the arms on the sides and raise your abs as well as chest. Slowly lift one of your legs in the air and gently bend it. Be in this position for thirty seconds and return to normal position. Do it with the other leg too.


Triceps Bridge

This is an effective exercise which builds the strength of your triceps and upper arms. One require good amount of strength to do this exercise.

Simply lie on your back and keep your arms by your side. With the help of your arms bring your body into a bridge position. Keep your buttocks and torso in one straight line. Now extend the right leg and stay in the position for half a minute. Do the same step with other leg also.


Leg Bridge With Single Leg

This bridge move focuses to exercise your core and lower body. To perform this move you need to lie on the back and brings hands by the side. Knees should be bent. Tighten the abs and take position for bridge. Extend one of your legs and lift your pelvis. Stay in this position for thirty seconds and come to normal position.


Sky Bridge

This is another great move that works on your butt, lower back and hamstrings. This exercise requires the support of a chair. One needs to lie down on the back keeping their arms by the side. Raise the buttocks along with right leg and carefully place them on the chair. Slowly raise your left leg and return to the normal position.
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Do it with each leg for ten times.


Bridge Workout Using Exercise Ball

This is a very effective and powerful exercise for hamstring, glutes and thighs. Balance the feet over the exercise ball.

Raise your hips above the floor and stay in this position for thirty seconds.


Bridge Exercise Using Dumbbells

It is another good move that increases the strength of lower body and chest region. One has to lie on the back. Grasp the dumbbells close to the ears and bend the knees and elbows. Raise your leg and extend your butt as well as chest.

Be in this position for few seconds and return to normal position.


Bridge Chest Press

This move strengthens your hamstrings, hips and chest. One has to come in a bridge position. Now raise the arms with the help of dumbbells and come back to the starting position.


For a perfect strong and chiselled body employ beneficial ways which sculpts your entire body including butt, glutes and thighs.