8 Essential Pushup Variations For Beginners

Pushups are the most amazing and cool workouts which can have cool results on your entire body. From the abs to the lower body, form the arms to the entire upper body, this amazing workout would make all your body pats sweats and toned. If you are a beginner and require some good pushup variations to tone up different muscles and look gorgeous, here are some iconic and cool pushups variations which you would love to try.
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These cool pushup options would simply tone your body, get a boost to your startup and also won’t get your muscles sore.

Try These Super Cool Pushup Variations To Tone, Sculpt And Make Your Body Look Flawless!

1. Casual Pushups:

The causal or traditional pushups are the one which we always perform this is the ideal and suitable style of pushup for the beginners which can make the arms and abs stronger. If you want a cool and rock solid core, you can try performing the casual pushups and daily using this amazing technique would surely get you cool results. Get into the pushup position and lightly perform 20 pushups daily as a coo startup to boost your muscles and look enviable stunning?

Casual Pushups

2. Clap Pushups:

This is a rigorous and cool variation of pushups which you can try if you want more dazzling and high impact results. The clap pushups are one of the most dignified and high energy workouts which can be used in the strength and weight training for extreme results. In this variation, you can get into the pushup position but once you raise yourself upwards, you need to clap over the floor and get into the pushup position back. This is a high impact variation which can get your arms build upon in a dreamy way!
Clap Pushups

3. Wide Grip Pushups:

Wide grip pushups are amazing for the arms and if you want to build cool biceps, you can try this amazing variation and get cool results. The wide grip pushups are rocking and have a stunning impact on your arms and torso. For the cool wide grip pushups if you want broad, tight and bulged arms with cool muscles. For performing this pushup, keep your arms wide apart and perform the pushups as regular!

Wide Grip Pushups

4. One Leg Pushup:

This is one of the most coolest and stunning variations which can make your body strong and adorable. This cool workout would improve your balance and make your arms and legs stronger day by day. If you want to get high impact results from this workout, you need to perform the pushups with both arms just as the regular pushup and lift your single leg while performing the pushup. This would help in improving the balance and flexibility of your body. Try this and get in a cool shape!One Leg Pushup

5. Inclined Pushups:

If you love to use various tools and gym equipments for your workouts this is a cool option and pushup variation which you would simply love to do! The cool bench and pushup variation would simply tighten and make your back stronger. If you want an adorable torso, core and flawless back muscles, go for this variation and you would love the results. For this use a bench or gymming equipment and get flawless results on your body!

 Inclined Pushups

6. Declined Pushups:

This is a reverse potion of the inclined pushups. If you want to make your upper and lower body rock solid and also need to improvise your balance, you can try this cool variation of pushups and get an enviable body. The decline pushups applies ore pressure on the arms and core and thus if you want to build cool arms, biceps and, this is the variation you must try!

Declined Pushups

7. Barbell Pushup:

If you want a high impact pushup variation which can get you rock solid arms and cool biceps, you can try the barbell pushups. Initially go for love weight and strength, and once you get okay with the routine, you can add more weighty barbells and make you workout more impactful.
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The barbell pushups are one of the most high impact and cool pushup variations which can tone up your entire body and make you look flattering with your brand new fit body!

Barbell Pushup

8. One Arm Pushup:

One arm pushup is not an easy or simple variation. You would require lots of strength and balance in your arms to perform this cool workout. This variation of pushups would tone up your arms and help in building cool biceps.

For the biceps to die for, go for the one arms pushups and the impact you would witness is simply awesome!

 One Arm Pushup