8 Foods To Avoid While Building Muscles

Foods To Avoid While Building Muscles

Working on your body to build it is an art and requires precision. There are three basic disciplines of exercise, rest and food involved in it.

Speaking of food, body building enthusiast often muddle up the things that they should eat, if not avoid taking it into consideration. Certain foods boost your workouts and optimise results while certain foods negate your efforts and make you wonder why you are not getting the desired cuts even after spending several hours every week in the gym lifting dumb bells and barbells.

See if you are eating any of the following foods and stop it if you are doing so.

These Are Foods To Avoid While Building Muscles

Processed Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates give you energy and calories to build muscles, but when they are processed, they lose fibre, vitamins and minerals and that renders them useless. They are rather detrimental to muscle building and build fats instead. They are digested easily and this ups the blood sugar levels too.
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Processed foods like white bread, white rice, crackers or any dish made of refined flour does this.

Instead, opt for whole grains and complex carbohydrates.

Avoid Processed And Fried Food

Sugary Foods

Sugar is good to taste but bad for health. It is sure to give you a flabby belly. Stay far away from ice creams, candies, donuts or any of your sweet tooth indulgences that are made up of sugar. You may however have sweets made out of honey, though in moderation. Sugar levels when increase have a inverse effect on the testosterone secretion, the prime body building hormone.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Low Calorie Greens

While being on diet and having low calorie variants is good to avoid fats, but it is important to distinguish good calories from bad. Low calorie green vegetables such as lettuce and celery fill your stomach without giving you enough calories to stock you up. You are better off having other greens like broccoli and beans that give the vitamins as well as good calories.


Fruit Juices

Many people reach out for juices thinking of them to be healthy. They do contain Vitamins, but you lose all the fibre when the fruit is juiced out. The fibre is very essential to minimize the fat content in the body and give you lean muscles. If you are having packaged fruit juice, you are also consuming a lot of sugars and preservatives that give you empty calories.


Fried Foods

Fried foods have a high degree of trans fat in them that increases your chances of developing cancers, heart diseases and becoming obese. Fried foods also usually use a lot of salt that may give you a hypertension. Discard margarine for the same reason.
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Avoid Fried And Processed Food

Processed Meats

Proteins are very essential in a body builder’s diet and meats are the best sources for it. But meats also carry the burden of giving you the problems of water retention, increased cholesterol and poorly defined muscles.

But not all meats do that. Processed meats like salami, hot dogs, sausages, red meat etc. give you the ailments while unprocessed meats like tuna fish, steak, lamb and chicken breasts provide you with proteins without any hazardous addition.

Pork, Beef Other Meat

Diet Foods

You may want to have lower bad fats and thus turn to diet foods. But when you do so, you starve yourself and it becomes difficult to control oneself from not eating up again and adding unnecessary calories. Rather have a balanced diet with natural foods.

Diet Foods

Whole Milk

Milk in its original form is very high in calorie. The creamy milk will give you fats that would not help you gain the cuts and instead make your physique look undefined. If you are fond of milk, go for the double toned variety.

 Skim Milk