8 Most Important Exercises For Men Over 40

Ageing is an inevitable process that occurs to one all born. Due to this, the capability of the body to function begins to decreases and thereby by the inefficiency. The pains and aches, especially in the winters can become harsh. Staying fit is the key not only in the younger days but in the older ages as well. Why not to keep working out and stay fit till your body allows and furthermore, more the working out, the better are the chances for prolonging the body mechanism. With a man over 40 years, it may be a little more difficult as compared to his times from the youth nonetheless there are few exercises that he can carry out. Although they may not be very intense, it would still serve the purpose.

Some Of Them Are Described Below As The Following

1. TRX Training

An exercise that can be carried out at any point of the day, the TRX Training is a whole gym to itself. It works out the upper body effectively although the lower body will be slightly worked up. Moreover, this helps in building stability and body balance which perhaps is the greater need of the hour.
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TRX Training

2. Chin Up 

You won’t get this in one day and would take you some time to go about it. Once this is mastered, it helps your core body balance and acts as a superior exercise for working out the arms, forearms & upper/lower back.

Chin Up

3. One Leg Dumbbell Lift 

One leg dumbbell lift shares almost all the qualities of the traditional dumbbell lift but here, the questions related to body balance can be solved. This exercise is not only easy but works the outer hip and hamstring area more than what the traditional lift does.
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It is a good exercise for men above 40 as there isn’t a lot of pressure in terms of weights and thereby first build the core strength required to go ahead with other exercises.

One Leg Dumbbell Lift

4. Pushups

One complete body exercise which the trainers will tell you to carry out from the very beginning. This highly underrated workout helps you tighten the arm muscles i.e. the triceps and biceps which over the years tends to diminish and loosen up. The shoulder blades too are worked out due to this and this can be a major reason why the shoulder pain issues can be solved at later stages of life.


5. Squat To Press

Squat to press is great to work out the body from deep within and helps you gaining muscles from areas that are untouched. This is a full body exercise that targets shoulders all the way to the hip musculature. The weight in this is lesser as compared to squats and moreover, this exercise is easier than performing squats as you do require a little bit of training to get a hang of it whereas this can be done from day 1.

Squat To Press

6. Dead Lift 

One with a considerable amount of weights on it. Deadlift is arguable the best full body workout that can be performed by one. It utilizes the leg strength to help the upper body in its movements while the upper back transfers all its power into the arms that actually lift the bar up. Thus, it strengthens both the upper and lower torso and if there is either of them not worked out well, it would be difficult to lift the bar up.

Dead Lift

7. Cable Pull

One to achieve a great upper body. Many gyms have lately introduced the cable machines helps you carry out this exercise. This exercise greatly helps in building the shoulder posture, biceps & triceps, upper back and chest region. Since there is an option with the weights and their limits, men over the age of 40 can balance them out to receive the best possible equation. With the technique, that eventually gets better with time, this exercise also helps in giving a man good calf muscles and all resolving all the issues that creep up in hamstring & groin areas.

Cable Pull

8. Low Pulley Row

Again, one exercise that helps in building a great upper body. With proper movements, the arms and the chest are the major portions of the body that help in conducting the exercise and thus are worked extremely good.
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Also the back, the movements of front and backwards also plays a major role and is therefore strengthened in the process. If anyone is subjected to shoulder pain this exercise will come to his aid too.

Low Pulley Row