8 Weighted ABS Exercises For A Shredded Stomach


Weight and strength training is an extrusive and rigorous form of workouts which are desired to be more impactful and have glorious results. Among the most highly preferred weighted workouts, the weighted abs workouts work wonders if you want a cool flat stomach. Fatty belly and stomach is a common issue among both, men and women and people try to get rid of this belly and stomach fat experimenting with various techniques and tactics. However, it is a very simple and clear rule that weighted abs exercises would surely provide amazingly toned belly and abs flushing off all the fat and flab. If you have been looking for such abs workouts, here are the most promising and high intensity weighted abs workouts which would work wonders on your stomach and make it perfectly shaped.
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8 Weighted ABS Exercises For A Shredded Stomach

1. Weighted Hanging Leg Raise

Weighted hanging leg raise is an extremely high intensity and rigorous workout for the abs. just as this workout would get you extremely sweaty, it guarantees to give you a stunning flabless and flat stomach with a twist of glorious abs. if you are tired of using various equipments and workouts for getting a flat stomach and perfect abs, you must try this workout which assures perfect results. The hanging weighted leg raises tone up your abs, legs and entire lower body along with the sides and back giving you a breathtakingly amazing body.

Weighted Hanging Leg Raise

2. Side Planks With Dumbbells

Dumbbells are extremely important for the weighted abs exercises to get you quicker and amazing results. Planks are exclusive workouts for core strengthening, abs development and toning the entire body with a perfect shape. For your belly and stomach fat, you can consider this work out and get desirable results. Side planks with dumbbells would tone your sides which have excess flab, develop abs and reduce stomach fat and would get you adorable body within no time!
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Side Planks With Dumbbells

3. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbells squats are extremely helpful in strengthening the entire lower body. If you want a stringer lower body with losing all the immense fat stuck in your stomach and sides, this is a workout you can adopt. Weighted dumbbells and squats is a combination which would tone your legs, biceps, core and abs in an adorable manner. Try this and get jaw dropping results soon.

Dumbbell Squats

4. Cable Crunches

This is an amazing and interesting variation of the abs exercises. If you want flawless abs and a desirable stomach, this is a workout which would work wonders on your belly fat. This amazing wok rut which uses the high intensity cables to perform crunches would apply more stretch and pressure to your abs and stomach than the regular crunches, also providing extraordinary results. Try this work out and get awesome belly with stunning abs.

 Cable Crunches

5. Press Sit Ups

Sit-ups are generally amazing for the core and abs muscles. But with this new variation of sit-ups, you would get a vivid and rocking body. Perform the sit-ups with a barbell in your hand and just heavy as the workout feels, the similar results you would get. The press sit-ups are extremely important if you want to ton your core, sides, back, abs and reduce the belly fat. Perform this awesome workout and get a body worth having!

Press Sit Ups

6. Leg Wall Presses

Wall presses provides an amazing stretch to your abs and leg muscles. In the gyms while using the heavy equipments, you would get to use high energy and strength to perform the presses. During this workout focus more on the abs stretch and sides which are getting stretched. Focusing on these two parameters would get your belly, abs and entire core toned up stunningly. If you want a clear and glorious stomach without fat and with amazing abs, this is a workout you can try!

Leg Wall Presses

7. Abs Wheel Rollout

The abs wheel rollout would require high balance for your core muscles and stomach. The wheel rollout would surely work wonders on your stomach and belly fat. If you want chiseled and sharp belly with prolonged abs, you must consider this workout for your routine sessions. Fewer sessions a day would get you closer to a desirable body with flourishing abs, chiseled stomach and flabless body. Try this workout and we assure you would simply fall in love with the results!

Abs Wheel Rollout

8. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are extremely amazing when it comes to a sharp and strong body. If you have always been dreaming for a sharp and glorious body, deadlifts can help you to get so far. The deadlifts makes your belly and stomach fat free, reduces inches, builds abs and gets you a body worth flaunting! Fewer steps for getting a transformational body!