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8 Weightlifting Tips For Power And Strength For Beginners At Gym

Beginners who are starting their gym training need to be a bit cautious when they start weightlifting. If it is done in the wrong way, it might lead to injuries and other different difficulties. It is important to train correctly, with the right technique and for the right duration of time. Weightlifting isn’t easy and needs a lot of time to master it well. One needs to be mentally prepared for tough training sessions, so that these are effective.

Here Are 8 Weightlifting Tips For Power And Strength For Beginners At Gym:

1. Go Slow With Increasing Weights:

Weightlifters have an eagerness to keep increasing their weights as soon as they can. You should not lift too much, too soon. You should start with weights which is lower than your expected ability, when you are just starting. If you notice that you are swinging the weight or your form is suffering it is an indication that the weight is above your capacity.

2. Working Much Below Capacity:

Just as you should go slow with increasing weights, at the same time if you are playing too safe and not using enough weight, you are not doing justice to your training. If you notice you are able to do at least 25 repetitions with your existing weight, it means you need to increase the weight a bit now.

3. Include Compound Lifts:

Do not ignore compound lifts when you are starting out at the gym. Compound lift movements help in utilizing a number of muscles at the same time, which increases the effectiveness of the workout. Include bench press, deadlifts and squats in your regular workout schedule. It helps in balancing your workout goals and ensures optimum performance.

4. Repetitions Are Important:

Do not move too quickly with all the repetitions. Beginners often have a tendency to reach the specific number of counts and finish off their schedule, which does not actually help in any way. If you lift weights fast, it will not help you in any way. However, if you are slow and lift weights in a controlled and systematic manner, it is going to help your body.

5. Balance Your Rest Period:

If you are not resting for a required time or if you are resting for a long time, both are not good for your workout. You need to rest between 30-90 seconds in between. This is great for your overall fitness. Rest is important as it helps the muscles to recover, but too much of rest in between movements is certainly a killer.

6. Get Adequate Sleep:

You have to be patient when you are trying to build strength and power with weights, especially when you are just starting out at the gym. If you are training a lot and not getting adequate amount of sleep daily at night, your results shall be slow. You will be lethargic, lack energy and be tired.

7. Take Care of Your Diet:

You need to monitor your weight regularly when you are starting. You need to increase your proteins intake with soya, lean meat and protein shakes.  You will also need some healthy fats for a good hormone balance, in the form of salmon and avocado. Complex carbohydrates are also necessary for healthy slow released energy.

8. Do Not Over Exert:

You should never over exert yourself. If you feel a pain or slight discomfort, you need to discontinue the movement and start another day. Never force yourself if you feel a pain which is unbearable.


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