9 Amazing Kettlebell Workouts For Men

The kettle bell can be considered as one of the most modern gym equipment made of steel or cast iron and this is used to perform some really awesome ballistic exercises that can assist a lot in toning up the entire body condition on the whole. This kettle bell actually resembles a cannon ball and is also used in many of the cardiovascular and flexibility workouts all in all. Also kettle bell is is used as a primary weight lifting equipment in the kettle bell weightlifting sport.

However the kettle bells are initially used for weighing crops and the significance in the workouts came into play only with the introduction of some recreational sports in Russia as well as parts of Europe. Kettle bell can also be used for performing various workouts which induce some flexibility to the muscles apart from increasing the overall strength of a person. The ideal weight of a kettle bell must lie between 30 – 50 kilograms and the weight can be chosen by the individual based upon his ability and strength. In this regard, this article features some of the amazing kettle bell workouts that can be highly helpful in several workout sessions of a person and therefore, it’s highly recommended by all the individuals to take a note of these workouts and include them in the routine to experience all the better benefits on the whole.

Amazing Kettle bell Workouts For Men:

1. Kettle Bell Squats:

Squats are actually one of the renowned workouts that can be performed any where and mostly, this conventional mode of exercising is usually used in various warm up sessions as well as some of the post workout times as well. One stunning type of squats is that they can also be vividly performed with the help of kettle bells and all one need to do is to take a kettle bell and hold it near your chest with the help of both your hands. Make sure that you’re standing straight and your spine is vertical.

Then proceed to do squats in an usual manner and it is recommended to start off with a slow pace where the pace can be increased gradually. One can also perform these squats with the help of two kettle bells but that would be too heavy at times. This exercise doesn’t require a gym at all and can be performed at home quite easily. This particular exercise has numerous benefits including the shaping of your chest, toning your butt muscles etc.

Kettle bell Squats

2. Kettle Bell Dead Lift:

This is yet another stunning exercise that can be efficiently performed with the help of a kettle bell. The name of the exercise itself unveils the fact about what we’re actually going to do in this particular exercise. In this exercise we use kettle bell in dead lifting and all that has to be done here is indeed quite simple. In kettle bell deadlift exercise, all you’ve to do is to stand firm in the initial position with the kettle bell on the ground and in front of your feet.

Then slowly make attempts to lift the kettle bell just like you lift a barbell during deadlifts. This exercise is recommended to all those who are a lot desired in increasing their overall strength and also tone their muscles in a desirable manner as well.

Kettle Bell Dead Lift

3. Kettlebell Swing:

This is indeed one of the most prominent exercises that can be performed with a kettle bell and this is also one of the easiest exercises of the list as well. All you’ve to do in this exercise is that initially make your legs widen and take a kettle bell in one of your arm. Then swing it in between the legs to and fro and repeat it for a few times. After this, switch the same movement to the other hand and repeat it continuously.

This exercise can also be performed with thehelp of two kettle bells but the only thing thathas to be kept in mind is that you’ve to be very careful as there’s a lot of chance that you may end up hurting yourself on the whole.

 Kettlebell Swing

4. Kettlebell One-Arm Clean:

This is yet another simple exercise of the list and here, the method of performing this exercise can be demonstrated in two steps where the first step is similar to that of the kettle bell swing exercise. In the second step keep one of your arms parallel to the ground and then with the other arm lift the kettle bell from the ground approximately to the height of your chest and this process has to be repeated several times.

Kettlebell One-Arm Clean

5. Kettlebell One-Arm High Pull:

The first step of this exercise is also similar to that of the other two ones and here it is the second step that varies a bit In the previous one you got to lift the kettle bell to your chest level but here all you’ve to do is to lift the kettle bell over your head and this has to be done continuously on the whole.

Kettlebell One-Arm High Pull

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6. Rolling Thunder:

Another stunning exercise in the list and this has to be performed with two kettle bells. Initially you’ve to lay down of the ground as shown in the figure and then take the two kettle bells with the help of both your hands and then get to lift them alternatively.

 Rolling Thunder

7. Windmill:

One of the most complicated exercises in the list where you’ve to lift one of the kettle bells over your head in the first step. In the second step of the workout, all you’ve do is to is to bend down keeping the hand with kettle bell in rest position and the position is perfectly depicted in the figure.


8. Plank Press:

Get yourself in the shape of a plank as shown in the figure and then move the kettlebell from one side of your body to the other.

Plank Press

9. Turkish Get-Up:

This is quite similar to that of a squat but all you’ve to is to change the kettle bell position as depicted in the figure and then get to perform the exercise.

Turkish Get-Up