9 Best Exercises To Increase Body Flexibility

Body flexibility is one of the most important measures of fitness levels of a person and therefore it is a lot essential for a person to improve his fitness levels not only by strengthening the body parts but also by improving the mobility and flexibility of the body as well. However, at times,people do care a lot about toning their body but it’s quite vital to realize the importance of body flexibility which can be helpful at many situations.

Also there are certain devised ways where a person can actually improve the mobility of his body and some of the exercises are featured in this particular blog post where all the people who are highly willing to improve their body flexibility can take a note of these workouts and can get to improve their fitness levels. Body flexibility is also associated with the internal health of a person as well. Therefore, it is recommended to include workouts that solely concentrate on the flexible moves as well.

Best Exercises To Increase Body Flexibility:

1. Cat Cow:

The name of the exercise itself suggests about the procedure of working out. This exercise is highly effective against the shoulder pain and it is also known to improve the spinal ability of a person. Here the workout can be divided into two steps for some better understanding. In the first part of the exercise make a posture initially as shown in the figure.

Later press the arms to the ground and push your shoulders forward and extend spine in such a way that it attains the shape of an umbrella. The second part of this exercise involves bringing back the spine to the initial position. Also there are certain measures which are to be takes while performing this exercise. Here one has to remember that you shouldn’t expand your spine too much and also always you’ve to keep your arms straight, else you can get to injure yourself on the whole.

2. Archer Squat:

One of the best exercise included in the list that solely concentrates a lot on improving the flexibility of the legs of a person. Also the name of the exercise itself unveils that all you’re going to perform in this exercise are squats.

In this exercise make a particular distance between your legs.

Then all you’ve to do here is to bend one leg while keeping the other leg straight. It must be remembered that the tension should always lie on the legs and also another important measure that has to be taken a note is that you shouldn’t overstretch your leg as there can result a possibility of injury as well.

3. Spider Man Lunge:

The name might sound quite funny but it unveils the fact that here, you’re actually going to do something in a spider man way. Yes, you’ve heard it right and picture suggests it all.

Initially make a posture in such a way that you look similar to that of the first part of the figure shown above.

Later make transformation in the opposite direction keeping your legs constant. It’s always better to start this exercise quite slowly than expected and with practice, all you’ve to attain is some speed which is highly required for some better outcomes with this very exercise.

4. Downward Dog:

This is one such a yoga pose that is included in the list that heavily concentrates on improving the conditions of body flexibility in a highly efficient manner. This moment not only strengthen your arms but also improve the flexibility of your spine as well.

Here all one’s supposed to do is nothing but to take a posture as shown in the figure and remain rested for at least few minutes and then get back to the normal state. People who are most fond of yoga, can include this exercise in their workout session and also the ones who desire to have some high flexible body conditions can also get to include this in the list which is something highly beneficial.

5. Squat With Reach:

Another squat exercise that is included in the list and this is something that is highly beneficial in terms of improving your overall flexibility and here., all that is supposed to do is nothing but to move your hands in the opposite direction as shown in the figure continuously by taking the posture of the person depicted.

This exercise has a lot of beneficial effects to the shoulders and apart from that it is also helpful in maintaining the legs strong and healthy which is highly desirable.

6. Jefferson Curl:

Until now, we’ve been talking a lot about the flexibility of legs, shoulders etc. This exercise in a famous one that is renowned to improve the overall posterior flexibility of a person in an efficient manner. It improves the mobility of the spine and also stretch your hamstrings as well.

7. Passive Hang:

This is probably the easiest of all the exercises as you don’t have to practice some really strong moves and all you need to do here is nothing but to hang from a horizontal bar. Alternatively you can also do pull ups to increase the flexibility of your spine on a broader scale.

8. Backridge:

One of the most complex exercises in the list and is advised to perform only under the supervision of gym trainer. This is all because, this exercise can get to have some dangerous outcomes if it isn’t practiced in a proper manner.

Here all one has to do is to take the posture as depicted in the figure and then move your chest region up and down. This exercise can be highly helpful in improving the overall flexibility of the body and also it strengthens the arms and legs of a person as well.

9. Pigeon Stretch:

The pigeon stretch is one such an exercise that assists a lot in making your hip flexors a lot flexible and here all you’ve to do is to make one leg to the right angle along the hinge joint while the other leg is parallel to the ground and placed backwards. For more instance, the picture included can help.


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