9 Foods To Avoid Before A Morning Run

Foods To Avoid Before A Morning Run

Morning run is required for a fit and healthy body. According to researches, morning run is best way of pampering your body. When you follow regular morning run schedule, you are offered with several health benefits. Many a times, people go for a morning run on an empty stomach. In contrast, there are few people who go for a morning run after having some foods. It is always good to fuel your body before going for a morning run.

This helps your body to store enough glycogen that can be converted into energy when you run. It is a healthy way of following the morning running ritual. Your muscles are in need of additional supply of nutrients and oxygen when you are running. Extra circulation of blood is required for the process of digestion in order to attract the nutrients quickly. Running redirects the blood towards the exercising muscles. This procedure reduces the speed of digestion. Hence, it is always recommended to have a healthy food before a morning running that is easily digestible.

Here Are List Of Foods To Avoid Before A Morning Run

High Protein Bars And Shakes

Runners are advised to have to stay away from high protein foods. Of course, proteins are essential for the body. But proteins are difficult to digest quickly. When you consume high protein foods before going for a morning run, you may not be able to maintain levels of consistent energy. This is because of fact that high proteins cannot be digested quickly. High-protein bars and shakes fail to supply your body with carbohydrates that are required for the maintenance of energy levels consistently.

High Protein Bars And shakes

Dairy Products

When you consume dairy products, just before going for a morning run you are prone to suffer from various gastrointestinal problems. Ice cream, cheese milk and various dairy products are rich in lactose. These products contain the sugar which is not quickly digestible. As a result, you may suffer from stomach cramps and pain. In addition to that, consumption of dairy products may slow down the levels of energy. Body cannot absorb the carbohydrates quickly. Hence, runners always have to prefer something like almonds, rice milk or soy that has low levels of lactose alternative to regular milk before going for a morning run.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Fiber Rich Foods

Runners have to stay away from fiber rich foods like bran cereals, beans, pasta, and whole grain bread. Although, these foods are rich in nutrition, body takes much time to get these foods digested. They tend to stay in the track of digestive system for a long time. If you consume these foods just before going for a morning run you may suffer from the problem of bloating. Also, you may also suffer from cramping and nausea. In some cases, you may be at the greater risk of affected by diarrhea too.

Fiber Rich Foods

Vegetables And Fruits

Before a morning run, it is always the best to stay away from cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. These vegetables are rich in raffinose.

Raffinose gives you a feeling of bloating. This feeling may act as a hindrance impacting on running performance.


Fatty Foods

Runners have to avoid various fatty foods like donuts, bacon, burgers or different kinds of fries. These foods cause cramps and stomach pain. Also, these foods won’t get easily digested. All these foods make you feel lazy and result in running sabotage

Veg Burgers


Runners are advised to stay away from caffeinated beverages before a morning run. Coffee and tea makes the morning run most unfavorable. Caffeine is the culprit which leads to various stomach issues like diarrhea.


Sugar Rich Beverages

Before going for a morning run, it is always the best idea to stay away from candy and cola. These foods are rich in sugar. Hence, these have to be avoided before a morning run. When you consume beverages or foods rich in sugar, they trigger insulin pitch of the body. In turn, levels are blood sugar comes down. This condition leads to dehydration, nausea and fatigue.

Permitted Beverages

Spicy Foods

Stop consuming spicy foods before a morning run. Spicy foods makes you feel thirsty and may interrupt with your running performance.
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You drink more fluids to manage your thirst and thereby you are filling your stomach with more liquids. This becomes a major hindrance in morning run.

Spicy Foods


Consuming alcohol before a morning run is not a good idea. When you consume alcohol, you may feel acidic sensations in your stomach. Hence, if you have this habit, please stop from now onwards in order to enjoy a healthy morning run.


By now, you are aware of the list of the foods that you have to ignore before a morning run. You are advised to consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates that give you instant energy. Apples, dry fruits, milk, banana, corn flakes, cheese etc can be preferred before a morning run.